MétéoMédia Not Working on RAP

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MétéoMédia Not Working on RAP

I'm hoping that someone can help me with this as I've tried calling tech support and no one seems to understand the issue or who to talk to. MétéoMédia (the French Weather Network), available through the Anyplace TV app, has not been working correctly for the past couple of months - the audio is correct, but the video is just the same electronic forecast data from two months ago repeating instead of the usual combination of live presenters and electronic forecast data. As I do not subscribe to this channel on my cable TV, I can't confirm if it's the same on there, but it really should be fixed regardless. My guess would be that the computer providing the electronic forecasts needs a reboot of some kind. Any help is appreciated.


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Re: MétéoMédia Not Working on RAP

Hello @rickyh17,


I apologize you are having this issue and thank you for bringing this our attention. We are able to replicate this on our end using Anyplace TV. I have escalated this to our engineering department to look into. I will need your account information to create a ticket. Can you please send a PM @CommunityHelps when you are online?