Lumia 920 Color Options Letdown [PETITION]

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Lumia 920 Color Options Letdown [PETITION]

The huge difference with the 920 body and a wrap would be that you can scratch the 920 as deeply as you want, but you'd still see the solid colour all the way through.

So no, I'm not interested in wrapping my phone, I'd like my phone to just be the colour of my choosing straight from Nokia. If this means buying the phone from a source other than Rogers, so be it.

You can call it complaining, or, you can call it an attempt to give Rogers feedback that they'd be safe getting inventory in other colours.

You can write it off and some people who are going to commit to 3 years or hundreds of dollars for a device, would like to have it be what they want, especially where the design of the device is a selling point.

If you don't care, good for you. Do you really need to put down everyone else who does?
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Lumia 920 Color Options Letdown [PETITION]

Hi...and thanks for your 2-cents...
There is a larger picture here that you are not fully grasping, I think.... I'm not a Rogers fanboy by any stretch, but the Canadian market is too small for the company to offer the color line up while still ensuring that they will sell enough of the contract-based units to allow them to offer it at the $99.00 fee.
If they simply said to Nokia..."we will be able to sell 1 million blacks as opposed to an uncertain number of cyans, reds, blacks, yellows" don't you think Nokia would have been more willing to offer them the exclusivity deal?..... It just makes sense....
It sucks, I agree, but you have to admit that the "outrage" from the community it a tad tiresome....

And I beg to differ on the point about a costs 10 by ks for a good quality wrap on a smartphone....and the stuff is very resilient. Fire it across the parking lot, if you must...but I would much rather have a new-looking phone after year three than one that constantly reminds me of how clumsy I have been with it... Heh heh..... ;-).
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Lumia 920 Color Options Letdown [PETITION]

I'm still considering the 8X since I can get it in blue, but will probably end up getting a black 920 because there is just too much upside to the 920.  Disappointed that there won't be colour options at launch. Sucks that there will eventually be a cyan model, but probably not until early 2013.


Still think it would have been smart to have a certian number of units in different colours online.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Lumia 920 Color Options Letdown [PETITION]

Hi guys,


If you follow Microsoft presentation of Windows phne it was said that in Microsoft store you will be able to buy any windows phone in all colours. So it's not a problem any more. Microsoft store will be opened in Toronto on Nov 16th in Yorkdale Shopping Center. Similarly to Apple store you will be able to buy Lumia 920 in any colour with Rogers contract or without contract easily. And after that event you will be able to buy Lumia 920 in all colours throug ebay, kijiji, amazon if you in other city. You can check yourself and I'm sure that Microsoft store will be openned in other big cities in Canada.

So just wait until Nov 16 (just 4 more days after Nov 12, official Lumia 920 launch) and you get you want.

I think it's bad for Rogers because people will buy the phone from Microsoft Store directly and not from Rogers stores when they need oher colour options, but for us it doesn't make a big diference if Rogers has it only in black in it stores.

I'm personally buying Lumia 920 in black for myself and in yellow for my wife.

I had chance to hold it and I'm so impessed the phone feels so comfortable in hand, the weight is not a problem it;s just as Galaxy Note but much better than any other phone on the market. I say so because I am a user of Glaxy S, Galaxy S2 (just sold them on kijiji), I have currently Galaxy Note and I'm going to sell it as well. Nokia is much better in all aspects.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Lumia 920 Color Options Letdown [PETITION]

@Philbur: you are basing your argument on uncertainty. Uncertainty that the Lumia 920 won't sell in any colors other than black but this argument falls apart when you consider that they had to start selling the Lumia 900 in Cyan after 3 months. Did Rogers not learn anything from that? If there was demand for a colored version back then, then what makes them think people will only want this Lumia in black (especially when they are so similar in appearance). Not only that, Nokia has used it's colored models heavily for promotion so really, if there is a demand for this phone then why would it only be for the black color?

It may not be a big deal for you but when I'm spending $600 on something, it better be what i want. And that small market argument doesn't work very well. They could have easily just added an option online for a colored version if stocking all those models was so hard.

I don't want Rogers to offer a whole palette of colors to choose from but at least give us some options - the design and colors are the highlight or this phone, make it count
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Lumia 920 Color Options Letdown [PETITION]

Hi pulkit10... I dont argue your point at all...

The colored 920s were always going to be available to the masses, as a full-purchase price item.

You said that you wanted the option because you were going for the full-pop $600.00 phone....great!....awesome!...good for you... But you were ALWAYS going to be able to get one....THAT was never a problem! You simply had to buy it from someone other than Rogers.(!)

Color of a phone being a key feature?.....really?


The point I was making is that Rogers would have had a logistical nightmare had they decided to inventory the colors for everyone.

Online inventory does not simply manifest itself when required, by the way, and the way to look at it is as follows;

Nokia sends an email to Rogers, Bell, Telus, and Wind...asking who wants to be the initial exclusive vendor for our new and wonderful phone. Some of them say they would, but they can not come up with firm numbers for each color. (Nokia would definitely want proper quantities).

Rogers says that they can simply offer the Black unit, and they can therefore provide a solid forecast for units.

(Dont forget that many users are slaves to trends, and the returns on colored phones for other colored phones will be inevitable)


So off goes Nokia, fully satisfied with knowing that a huge chunk of black units will be snapped up by Canada, and the colored ones can still flourish in more densly populated markets. (Small market we are...and I know it...and so do you..unless you dismiss the sheer size of  our country contrasted by the actual potential customer base).


Rogers got the phones for a great price/uinit...Nokia got what they wanted, and we see competetive pricing despite the lack of true competetion in this industry.


One of the previous posters had echoed what so many Canadian users were saying (that they are dropping Rogers, or that they will never switch to Rogers because of the lack of color choice) and I just had to pipe up wih a bit of a perspective


If rumor becomes reality in regards to Rogers kiosks offering color choices to subscription upgraders then I consider it to be a solid win for the voiciferous consumers that have shaken the trees about this issue....but in the meantime I will still maintain that to be so overtly indigant about a uber-tech communications device being only available in black is just plain juvenile.


Color does not make it just makes it louder...and merely a tool to get noticed.

Wrap it, Skin it, Case it, Paint it, do whatever the **bleep** you want to it... Just find other, more critical-to-the-human race things to complain about.


I am complaining about people complaining about things that don't  matter, so "color me as guilty as the next guy.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Lumia 920 Color Options Letdown [PETITION]

I am ready to reserve my new cyan or red nokia as soon as it is available! My phone is crapping out on me...please hurry... I refuse to go basic black...blah!
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Lumia 920 Color Options Letdown [PETITION]

Slave to trends...and colors are cool. Not afraid to admit it! Yay cyan!!
I've Been Around
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Re: Lumia 920 Color Options Letdown [PETITION]

common rogers do it up and bring the colors to live here in canada, as it is we are only statting to get all of the top model phones here in canada now, be a ground breaker and bring all of the colors to Rogers, thanks Roger!


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Lumia 920 Color Options Letdown [PETITION]

I've sent emails to Engadget, Ars Technica, Edmonton Journal, The Globe and Mail, and the CRTC about Rogers and their lack of colour selection + their horrible roll out of the Lumia 920's, WP8 in general, and lack of support for visual voicemail except on the iPhone. I suggest everyone who is also upset with Rogers to do the same. Maybe nothing will come of it, but it can't hurt to try and get journalists aware of the issues.


I also encourage everyone to find out if a local politician is upset with how telecom companies are treating consumers and write to them with your story.