Lumia 1020 Unlocking.....Sim Error

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Lumia 1020 Unlocking.....Sim Error

Today is the magic 90th day and Rogers will now unlock my phone that I was unable to get unlocked by 3rd party. I phoned them up they took my money and gave me a code............and it does not work. I type it in and I get "incorrect code", attempts goes down to 9. I type it again in and it gives me "sim error".

I popped in another sim card and did it again and typed it in and got "incorrect code" again and attempts goes down to 9(yes 9, everytime I reboot the phone it starts back at 10). I type it again in and it gives me "sim error".

They now told me to wait 24 to 72 hours as it might be system lag. That really does not make sense to me as I thought it was like at the hardware level the code.

I was looking online with that error and people say it refers to the wrong code being used and I seen other posts for other lumia devices with people saying their code was like 15 to 20 digits long, not 8 like mine


Anyone else run into this?



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Re: Lumia 1020 Unlocking.....Sim Error

Seeing that Microsoft is now selling the 1020 as unlocked unit in Canada, if the unlocking process from Rogers does not work, you should speak to Microsoft rep of your program to see whether you can swap yours with the unlocked model.