Lost storage after factory reset

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Lost storage after factory reset

Hi, I have purchased an Acer Liquid Metal recently and it had 185 MB of storage. After some time I was not able to use the Home button anymore. I deleted all my apps and I did a factory reset. However afterwards the phone shows only 125MB of storage space instead of the initial 185 MB. On top of that it seems that the bundled apps, like gmail and all the rogers apps are installed in my 185MB and are the cause of my reduced storage.


Is there a way to either do a "deeper reset" or wipe the phone completely and reinstall the os from scratch ? I already tried the hard reset method with the buttons.


Thanks for your help.


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Re: Lost storage after factory reset

Hello baliphen,


The OS and any built-in apps will also use the internal storage.  Was there an update to the firmware done?  It is possible that if there was an update completed that the new OS takes up more of the storage.


Any apps that are built into the firmware you would not be able to remove the apps either as they would be part of the OS.  Hope this helps, PM me if you have any questions.