Lost 100% Service

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Lost 100% Service

On Wed. we reported that we have lost all Rogers Services to our home - Phone, Cable, Internet. I contacted them and was told to reboot both Router amd Phone Box - which I did. They confirmed we had NO connection. Then was told the earliest time slot was on Tuesday - 6 DAYS to have someone to come and hopefully fix the problem. I then received a Rogers Email asking if I would take the time to Rate them which I quickly did. I have 2 accounts - Personnel and Business. My yearly payment to Rogers is considerable. I will be talking to another interested party who has been trying to land my account and if I find out they have better SERVICE I will be dropping ROGERS 100%


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Re: Lost 100% Service

Hi @RonEricksikn


Sorry to hear about your issues with your Rogers services. Smiley Sad

We can definitely look into resolving this for you. I’m going to have someone from @CommunityHelps reach out to you in a private message, please check your messages from the envelope icon in the top right hand side of your screen.




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Re: Lost 100% Service

Where are you? Ontario, NB, big city, small town, etc?


This seems unacceptable to me - a multi-product failure basically implies a physical infrastructure problem (or the headend vanishing off the face of the earth), so unless it's only your house that's affected, it should be a high priority item to fix it...