Looking to end my term early, having issues with ECF.

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Looking to end my term early, having issues with ECF.

Maybe someone here can help me out.


I've been with Rogers for 6 years; haven't done a single HUP.

I have a voice plan (no data) and about 1 year left on my term.

I moved to Thunder Bay back in June, where Rogers cannot give me a local number.  When I originally updated my plan, I was told that I could add additional LD minutes without issue if the 100 I have isn't enough.  That was no longer the case when I called in last month; retentions stated that they cannot add discounted features to my grandfathered plan.


I called recently to inquire about my options for cancellation, retentions qouted me ~$240 ECF.

I asked if signing a new plan would put me into their new ECF policy that went into effect back in January.  The rep said no, unless I were to receive subsidised hardware as well.  She made mention that changing my plan, getting a HUP (with a low EI), and then cancelling would be fraud, and they would revert to my old ECF calculations (~$20 per month).  She stated that she would make a note of this on my account.


Is there anything that I can do, or am I stuck with the old ECF?  I was really hoping that the new ECF policy would be valid regardless of device acquisition.  Thanks!

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Re: Looking to end my term early, having issues with ECF.

Hi smang,


The cancellation fee policy chnages only apply to new wireless customers or existing customers who have entered into a new term on or after September 27, 2012 who choose to deactivate their services before their term expires.





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Re: Looking to end my term early, having issues with ECF.

You can wait for the new Wireless Code to take effect in the coming year. It is almost a certainty that early termination fees will be tied to subsidized devices. So if you bring your own device, no cancellation fees. If you do have a subsidized device, the termination fee will be limited to the remaining device balance (no extra arbitrary fees). It seems like this regime will apply to existing contracts as well. If not, amend your contract in some manner and it will apply. Check out the CRTC website for further information.