Looking for a new phone... question!!!!

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Looking for a new phone... question!!!!

I want to get a "smartphone". I never wanted one before, but I'll look into it now.


But the thing is, I need a specific phone. 


I don't mind a touch screen. I need a specific kind of touch screen. 


I don't want anything that's HEAT sensitive, as in you have to use your finger. I want one that is touch sensitive, so you can use the tip of your fingernail or other objects, like the bottom of a lighter or a tube of lip chap. My current phone, an LG slide phone (don't know exact type) is touch sensitive. So I can use my fingernail. 


I have long nails, and my fingers are plump (lol) and I would much rather use my fingernail on a screen rather than my finger. It's just easier. 


So what I'm looking for is a phone that does just that. 


I want the phone to go on my forum  (http://s1.zetaboards.com/DarknessoftheUnknown/index/) and I want to be able to use the Shoutbox, which most newer phones can do. I also want the app that listens to a song and tells you what it is. 


Those are the two things I want


So, what phone will work best for me? :3 


And before you say your phone is touch, make sure you can use the tip of your fingernail or another object that isn't your skin. 


OR. A slide out keyboard if all the phones out there are heat sentitive. 





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