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Live TV app

I'm Here A Lot

After spending an hour on the phone, Rogers was able to get this to work. It seems if you have the 250GB+20GB internet package, the app won't work. The CSR removed the 20GB overage and now app works perfectly. So if you are having problems, check your internet package and call Rogers to remove the 20GB. CSR said she was going to excalate to get the app undated but it could take awhile. Jamie at customer service deserves a promotion. SHe was the only CSR who didn't transfer me around the company, but instead called every department to get a fix. Smiley Happy





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Re: Live TV app

I've Been Around
OMG!!! I have spent 8 + hours trying to get this app working. When I try to log in it tells me I need to upgrade my Internet even though we just upgraded to the Nextbox Diamond package and cannot go any higher. ( our prev packag should have been sufficient to run this app anyways) No one knows who can it this issue but if you do try to get it fixed do not let them transfer you to wireless tech ( when they anyone at Rogers hear iPad they transfer to wireless tech ho have nothing to do with this app) I have had 4 tickets opened and 4 tickets closed with no resolution. I have had one nice people try to get someone who can help but I have had to educate them first that this app exist that is from Rogers that is for a tablet device that it does work on wifi and that I do meet the criteria...... Maddening , I'd I ever get a resolution I will post and if anyone has had this issue and gotten it fixed please post the resolution!!