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Linksys E2000 Router

I've Been Around

With the automatic settings the new router connected to my desktop fine with internet access. Added the laptop and lost connectivity on the desktop. Reset router to factory defaults and have no connectivity at all.

 Anyone know the correct manual settings for the linksys E2000 or have successfully used this router on Rogers network?



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Re: Linksys E2000 Router

I Plan to Stick Around

I'm using the e2k but I didn't bother with the supplied CD.  I just set it up manually via the web interface that comes built into the router.  You can look around the net for the default user/password and how to access the interface.  One caveat is to have the setup machine hard wired to the router before setting up the wireless.  Once the initial setup was completed I\ve had no further problems and have flashed to the latest firmware with no issues.  Good luck.

Re: Linksys E2000 Router

I Plan to Stick Around

I agree.  Try setting up the modem manually.   I have a D-Link router and the CD that came with it was an absolute disaster.  The manual setup worked fine.

Re: Linksys E2000 Router

I've Been Here Awhile

I installed the E2000 just last weekend on a rogers network.

The site in this case is a Triplex. Rogers SMC wireless G gateway is first. Linksys E2000 is connected from the internet port on the E2000 to one of the LAN ports on the SMC.

I set it up using the supplied Linksys disk and have no issues. I can connect wirelessly to the outside world through the Linksys E2000 and can connect through a wired port also on the E2000.

Another tenant in this triplex is using the wireless and wired ports of the SMC and as far as I know, they're having no issues.

I know the Linksys router should work without problem with just a basic Rogers modem too as I've had my WRT160N for my home network runnning for the last 4 years without any issues at all.

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