Limit Data Usage BB Z10

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Limit Data Usage BB Z10

First how can I check or set my Z10 to a specific Data Usage so I don't get charged if I go over my limit?


The only way to check data usage is by going online to Roger's My account and going through a whole bunch of pages only to be informed that usage is less than 75%. Really is that all they offer?


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Re: Limit Data Usage BB Z10

Hello ivan1956

You can check your data usage threw your phone My Account App. It tells you there how much data you are using & have left.

Other then that, you can download a third party app threw the Blackberry World store & have that one but i rather you download it when your next months bill starts.
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Re: Limit Data Usage BB Z10

ivan1956, in your post you don't sound too enthusiastic about the My Account app from Rogers.  I've been running it for many months and I've found it's very helpful to me for keeping tabs on my data usage.  You've got usage (data, voice, messaging, etc.) as well as current bill charges all in one place.  I'm not sure what's not to like.



Just my opinion.  Cheers.  🙂