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Light bulbs

Where can I get light bulbs that will pair with my SHM? I’ve been to 2 Rogers stores and they don’t have them and one didn’t carry them, the other couldn’t even tell me the name of what they are. I need two-three more.




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Re: Light bulbs

The one bulb I have, is an LG.. couldnt tell you what model though.
Truthfully.. i havent seen them sold anywhere else (most places that sell generic smart home stuff, are all just wifi, not zigbee/zwave type ones which talk specifically with the panel.)

You should be able to buy them online

Should be 3/4 of the way down.

Unfortunately I have had bad luck with the bulbs myself.. on my 3rd now.. where at some point (I think after extended power outage) would not sync anymore at all.

I switched over to the wall switches.