Late payment charges

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Re: Late payment charges



I understand what @PAH555 is saying and it may be just be the billing being done before the payment is posted.   

Let's test my payment which is due on 16 Feb 2018 and a Friday.

I'll set it up so that the BANK (it shouldn't matter which) pays it on  15 Feb 2018 which is Thursday.

We all are told to give it a day for processing, so that is what we'll do and we'll see when the BANK processes it and when ROGERS processes it.   My Billing date is the 18th of the month which is a Sunday so this will be a interesting test of the process should I get an overage charge on my next bill. 

This is like running throught the airport trying to get your connection. A delay on first flight could ruin your day. 


I guess I didn't report back on my test.  Here you go.

Rogers says: Please pay by Feb 16, 2018. Friday

So I tell my Bank. Pay on Feb 15, 2018 Thursday as noted above. It's a payment not an automatic transfer.

The Bank pays on Feb 15 Thursday. 

Next Bill from Rogers says: Your payments - thank you Feb 16  Friday

They also say: Any payments we received and processed after Feb 19, 2018 will show on your next bill.

It looks like you have a 4 day grace period, but legally I think it is 2 weeks and you could take them to small claims court if they give you a hard time to get your money back. 


Because Rogers and others are making millions in profit, I'd complain to Marketplace or Go Public instead.

Apr 30, 2018 8:07 AM ET Customer takes Bell to court and wins | CBC Go Public

Take note of the fist one that @User14 posted.  I expect that CSR's will be trained to be much more careful about what they say and don't say - I still say I want the quote in my email prior to acceptance.  Rogers could avoid many a follow-up contact and frustrated customer if we had the written details, as they entered it in the computer, similiar to the confirmation and summary of changes document.  It would be helpful if Rogers explained in an FAQ examples of how timing of autopayment options work.  The interesting one is on preapproved - my bank always lets the first 4 weeks go through and advises me, as well as letting the company know. I have slipped up a couple of times in my lifetime.  Things got in the way, and I forgot who I was doing credit card approvals on.  Rogers is the only company I do it with, just for the points on my RBC Visa points and the size of the bill.


Every other company, that I do preapproved payments on, they come directly from my bank, because they aren't big enough, or they don't accept credit card payment.  It costs them money to process the payment.  It is also the case that companies pay for auto payments from other than their own banks, although a company the size of Rogers with the number done in a month gets a deep discount on those charges.


By the way, in the description of interest rates as low as they are - yes, prepaying in advance saves money, but it also takes your payment about 10 days in advance of the final due date - my money is in fairly high interest paying accounts, keeping minimal in my account and most in a TFSA earning really good interest.  So for each person, they weight their options, I worry about every penny in my life at the moment, but I don't pay my visa bill until the last day anyway, so that way I am also not losing interest.


Good discussion and great experiment.




Thanks for the experiment.





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Re: Late payment charges

Rogers refuses to credit errant charge on my bill


22+ year Rogers customer here.


When I discovered a late payment fee on my last bill, I confirm with the bank that payment was actually made a week in advance. On the very same bill where the late-fee appears, Rogers acknowledges and documents the payment in question as having been received by Rogers a full 3 days early!


I called billing and the Roger CS rep explained that it's because I've been using an "old" 12 digit account number (note please that I've been using it for decades and no one from Rogers ever communicated that I should do otherwise). Fine, I'll use the 9 digit one next time, but what about the erroneous late fee? They REFUSE to credit it. Offered me a movie pass which I do not want. Again REFUSE to credit the erroneous fee, siting that they "cant" do it.


They are in a very real sense forcing me to "buy" something I didn't ask for and do not want. This must be crossing a legal line in some context. If any other business charged, say, your credit card erroneously, they'd never get away with saying "we wont give you your money back but here, take this thing you didn't ask for and dont want instead".


The CS rep offered to alter my bundle in an effort to lower my regular bill as a concession. The only offer made was to increase my internet speed and RAISE my monthly bill instead. When I said that was not acceptable, I suggested an alternative: drop one of our services which we arnt using anymore. Their answer: that would break our bundle and make our bill even higher still, reminding me that any and all deals I might see are for "new customers only".


Let me point out again that we've been with Rogers for over 22 years. Truly remarkable that we should be regarded so poorly.


Getting back to the errant charge on our bill, I acknowledged that Rogers corporate fails to empower its CS reps and asked that this be escalated. Waiting for a call back.



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Re: Late payment charges

Good evening @BFlow,


Thank you for your post. I appreciate you took the time share the details of this situation with us.

I'm sorry to hear about the frustration this may have caused you.


The Community Forums team can unfortunately not call you back. However, you have options.

Please check out our Share a Concern page, where you'll be able to submit a call back request from our Management Office or chat with a member of their team.


If you would like our assistance, please do so by private messaging our @CommunityHelps inbox. You can learn how to send a private message, here.


We truly value and appreciate your loyalty and I am confident we can help you resolve this issue.



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Re: Late payment charges

@RogersMaude wrote:

The Community Forums team can unfortunately not call you back.

I didn't mean to imply that I expected anything along those lines. Rather I was relating that my call with CS concluded with them advising me that someone from their department would be following up with a call.

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Re: Late payment charges

You could also contact the Office of the President.


CSRs have a formal protocol that can sometimes take you in circles. To get out of it,

go to the link for “Share a concern” in the “Contact Us” section at the bottom of the Main site, or when you are logged in to MyRogers.  If you can't find it, click here:  share-a-concern

Look for this:  

Share a Concern 2.jpgThe subject is Billing and Accounts.  Provide your detailed description, the ticket, incident or call number and the current status.  I can't believe that they can't credit you for a measly late payment fee.  They should not assume you read all the procedural changes they make without also getting your acknowledgement.