Laptop not connecting wired or wireless anymore

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Re: Laptop not connecting wired or wireless anymore



your laptop problem(s) have been there for a while, I see.


First off, I suggest you segment the problem.  Deal with the wireless and wired connection issues seperately.  The actual cause of both may be related or the same.  I consider it more likely they are not directly related, but this is just an assumption on my part.


I have a few suggestions but please remember that I do not run Windows Seven (I have both Vista and XP on two different laptops) and  I am not currently using a Dell laptop, let alone the exact model you have.  I am using Linksys routers, but not as in your exact setup.  So my suggestions/observations may not be exactly applicable to your problem, but hey, at least I tried!


First, a strictly off-the-wall suggestion: have you checked the little Laptop Wireless switch which most laptops, including Dell, have?  Here is a URL I found that illustrates the switch on one type of Dell laptop:


Apparently Dell laptops also provide control of the wireless functions using a set of keys.  Apparently this could be a combination of the Fn + F2 keys.  I could be wrong here.  One of the websites I Googled said it was the Fn + plus a key with a wireless tower symbol.


Another area to look at is the Wireless Tools/Manager utility which you can find in Control Panel.  The exact name and icon for this will vary with the vendor of your wireless card, or a proprietary one may be provided  by Dell.  Open this utility and you should be able to check a bunch of stats, parameters and settings specific to the Wireless function.  On my Lenovo R61 this utility provides a wealth of information on the operation of the wireless function, and is provided by Intel, the vendor of the wireless card in this laptop.


More basic information on the wireless device and its driver can be found by going to Device Manager.  Look at the Network-specific devices for signs of trouble.  Right-click on the background in My Computer, and select Properties.  Anything problematic, e.g., X or ? on the device icons, should be looked at and corrected.  Specifically look for anything associated with the network devices.


Also look at Events under Administrative Tools.  Again this can be found in Control Panel.  Double-click on Event Viewer.  Then go to Windows Logs.  Look at System and scan the log to see if you can find anything associated with networking, wireless, etc., and happening at the time (and date) at which you tried to connect.  These logs contain lots of extraneoius stuff, so examine it so you ignore the "chaff" and pick out the "wheat" of information possibly relating to your issues.


Finally, although I have suggested a bunch of things relating to Wireless, in general it will be easier to make a wired connection work.  Wireless is a more complex medium and there is more to go wrong.


Let us know what you find, and maybe someone can make more suggestions.


Good luck and good hunting!




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Re: Laptop not connecting wired or wireless anymore

I would check the power management settings on the laptop. There are settings in the dell software that will turn off the network card to save power. Try this. With the laptop powered off(not in standby) plug in the charger and plug in the network cable. Power on the laptop and check to see if the connection is working. If it is working then it is the power management causing the issue.