Lag Spikes and Bad Latency

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Lag Spikes and Bad Latency

Hi I bought the rocket hub and cellular internet over 2 years ago, possible up to 3 years by now, ever since I bought it I'v been having problems. The latency is all over the place, I play alot of online games aswell as browsing, and I used to watch videos/media online alot aswell but thats impossible with the costly bandwith, but im ok with that.


The problem is the latency is constantly on a rollercoaster of being low, then pretty much spiking to a point where games are far behond unplayable... for instance when playing my latency might be 150-200ms which im ok with... then it will spike to like 1500+ then it comes back down, then spikes back up... all the time. Now to be fair it isnt ALWAYS like this, there are times where it remains in its lower range and things are fine, but this happens in a regular basis. 


Also, this isn't just with gaming, often when im having this problem within games its also reflected in browsing, i have 3mb connection yet sometimes websites will take 10 seconds before i even see anything loading up. I just did a speed test and it was 224ms, 1.15mb up, and .02mb down. Thats incredible low for upload speed and im wondering if maby thats part of the problem. Also when downloading something I will also see the rollercoaster of bandwith where i might be getting anywhere from 200-500kbps, fluctuating abit which is normal, then it will suddenly just drop drasticly, sometimes right down to 0 or like maby 10-40kbps... almost non-existant, then after 5-10 seconds it will rise back up to where it was before.


Anyways like I said I'v had this problem for years now, often times when im having problems I will simple go and manualy reset my modem/router(router is in modem), and at very least my internet will be good when it first boots back up, and may last awhile before needing to be reset again or might decline rapidly to where it was previously. I think if the problem was with my modem it would be consistent, but each day is different, usualy when my internet is bad it can last days up to a week before i find that it has evened out again. And at very least im reseting the modem multiple times each and every day, even on the good days, bad days its much worse and often times does very little.


Another thing to point out is that I do live in a rural area, with forest all around me, but my antenna is about 50-60' up on a tower, and while my signal strength does seem to go up and down from low to high, it seems to unrelated to the problems with my internet as my internet could be just fine and still be at low signal, and sometimes its at high signal and be completely terrible(i tend to notice the high signal but poor internet the most as I'm often not looking at it when the internet is fine). Also it seems to unrelated to weather conditions as it has on multiple occasions been a blizzard outside and internet has been just fine.


Sometimes I can't help but feel based on everything i'v witnessed that I'm being throttled heavily at certain times of the day or just in general. Only lately I'v started to feel that I need to try and see if I can find some answers or see if there is something i can do. I have talked to tech support couple years ago which lead me to relising that if I manualy reset modem it would clear up problem sometimes. Open to suggestions to try some different things.



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Re: Lag Spikes and Bad Latency

I wouldnt necessarily say throttling.. more congestion.

There are a few others on here.. Skiinorth for example.. who have wireless internet.
They live near a highway... and usually the time of day, when its rush hour.. his net pretty much cuts out.  Still good signal, etc... but cant pretty much run anything.

Why?  likely ALOT more traffic on that specific tower at that time.. and could be things out.

I BELIVE, that voice overall takes priority on the towers, and could be eating up some of the total bandwith.

In more rural areas, with only limited towers and pipes to those tower... this will only keep growing as an issue as time goes on 😞

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Re: Lag Spikes and Bad Latency

So what kind of signal, if any, do you get when you remove cable to the 60' antenna?   If your getting similar signals then perhaps the connections at the antenna are getting wet.   When I had my rocket hub it would show 3 bars and jump up and down all day long.  I am 9 miles from the tower and once I installed an antenna the signal went full strength and sat there.  Most download speeds were 4MB to 6MB depending on the time of day.  Antennas don't increase speed just increase signal.  When signals started to decay in the 2nd year, as you have described, I talked to customer service who increased the capacity of the tower I was on. Never had a signal problem again.  I did eventually cancel Rogers over being charged same fee after having the phone service removed.  For some stupid reason CS couldn't get it through their head my bill should be $25 less and they wouldn't give me my money back.  

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Re: Lag Spikes and Bad Latency thats my rocket hub almost all the time, you say 200-500kbps? wow thats unheard of for me

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Re: Lag Spikes and Bad Latency

What you describe matches our experience over several years, with two different hub models.  As Gdkitty says, it is likely congestion at your local cell tower.  There are times when our latency is several seconds, or we lose connectivity entirely.  Friday afternoon and Sunday seem particularly bad here.  I've called Rogers tech support about it a number of times.  You might find that worth your while ... There are a few things they can do to tweak coverage at the tower.