LaTeX issues again. . .

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LaTeX issues again. . .

I have posted this problem everywhere, MathJax hastily told me it was a problem with Rogers/Cisco modems and their DNS.!topic/mathjax-users/8za18oAul9I


My LaTeX was working for a few weeks (after not working for about 1 month), and now LaTeX is not working again. I am not sure who to contact and this is now on ongoing problem (enough so that I may have to find a new internet provider).


Is there an easy solution that I can use? I am unfamiliar with Cisco systems and do not know how to change the DNS. 



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Re: LaTeX issues again. . .

Likely a bad entry in the Rogers DNS server.

Best to try and call in, and see if you can talk to a manager.. and have them put in a ticket for the engineers to look at the entry, etc.


As to at least temp fix your issue.


EASIEST way overall, is to change the IP in your PC itself.

in windows, go into control pannel, then network and sharing, then change adapter settings. 
Right click your network card, then go into properties

under tcp/ip v4 go into the properties for it.
you can change the DNS server there.. change it say to the google DNS server of, and