LTE not coming to Winnipeg after all.

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Re: LTE not coming to Winnipeg after all.

LTE Max is working in Winnipeg. You just won't get to use it if you are using the iPhone5, you'll only get regular LTE.

LTE Max uses the 2600 band and the iPhone5 doesn't use that frequency, so you'll never get max on your current phone.


LTE Max was working on my friends HTC One and on my Galaxy S4. Worked fine at Polo Park.

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Re: LTE not coming to Winnipeg after all.

so several months later after constant no change & poor lte coverage in winnipeg, i just saw lte on my iphone 5 in my room in the basement for about 1 minute, it was 1 dot (ios 7 uses dots not bars) strength but usable and a little faster than 4g. even though i lost it & its rarely switching between "3g" & lte now, i commend rogers for that, why?

cause their coverage in winnipeg is HORRIBLE, map is completely WRONG, my entire area (richmond west) has NOTHING even outside, rogers keeps ignoring it, deleting my posts & saying im stupid in their own words. & FINALLY, they are starting to do something about this clear problem.

THAT, is all i & we wanted, show effort theyre trying to fix it.