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LTE issues in Kingston?

I've Been Here Awhile

I am getting real spotty and terrible LTE reception in Kingston.  I work by the 401 at gareners Rd. and i constantly get 1 bar here.  If I drive down the 401 E bound i constantly get 1 bar, then full, 1 bar then full, then half etc.  I live in the middle of the city and still get max 2 bars (around Sir John A and 401).  I don't think this is normal at all.  Growing pains maybe?


Anyone seeing this?


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Re: LTE issues in Kingston?

I'm Here A Lot

i dont get any LTE at my house in the student ghetto, around campus it goes in an out, more often out and only with 1 or 2 bars when in

Re: LTE issues in Kingston?

I've Been Here Awhile

Thanks for the input.  I tested again last night.  Only place i seem to get full LTE is bottom of princess st.  Got full at the Lonestar.  I tweeted to rogers help and they indicated that not all toweres are on LTE.  I assume they started with one that only covers downtown well.  If i get a few blocks west of downtown it loose it completely.


Hope they bring on more towers soon.  **bleep** its fast though.  Did a speed test with full signal and got 44.29Mbps down. 23.71 up.

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