LTE Tower Upgrades - Where to Find Out?

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LTE Tower Upgrades - Where to Find Out?

Is there a site / forum where I can find out when my nearest tower would be upgrade to frequency 2600 LTE?  I'm consider upgrading my Hub to an LTE hub, but my nearest tower (42.376N 82.124W in Chatham Kent by the 401) is showing it does not yet support LTE.  It would be a waste of money until the tower is upgraded.




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Re: LTE Tower Upgrades - Where to Find Out?

No, unfortunately, there is not 😞

There really SHOULD be though!.

Likely with alot.. they dont want to say "oh it will be avail june 2013.." then if there are delays.. people have bought stuff, etc, and can not use it.

They usually dont annouce it, until it IS released, or just very shortly before. (and even then, like in winipeg.. there was delays!)

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Re: LTE Tower Upgrades - Where to Find Out?

Hello bwlandu

Sadly Rogers has no released this nor any other provider has done this. It seems they are lacking of offering a page to show when the next tower will be upgraded / built.

They will only announce it when they are ready to begin building the tower OR finished upgrading it to LTE. Even then, many have not been told its been upgrade but they notice LTE on their devices.

I hope Rogers brings out a page like this tho.