LTE On rocket hubZTE BD06

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Re: LTE On rocket hubZTE BD06

Hello @jonjoy


Thanks for updating the community, and @kco stated more than what I was even thinking! :] Thank you!


Since the hub uses cell phone towers, try testing it out at the store or a different location as @kco stated. Esepcially a location doesn't have a lot of trees. Leafs do act like nature's mirrors for cellular signal. That usually gives a weaker signal, and if it's not enough Data speed it drops to the tier below to maintain the connectoin. LTE drops to 4G, 4G drops to 3G, etc etc...


Trying it on a different location that has LTE, will guarantee device capability (or issue for that matter). Especially at a store you can check with a Roger's agent who has a smart-device and shows LTE on their phone.


As of right now, it sounds like the location isn't LTE even though the coverage map may state it, if you'd like I can have @CommunityHelps reach out to you to discuss your coverage area privately since it involes your location and account.


Respond back here if you'd like them to private message you.

Otherwise @kco's suggestion is very good.