LTE Coverage in Guelph

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LTE Coverage in Guelph

I live in Guelph and at the end of September I upgraded to the new iPhone5.


The new SIM card is LTE, my iPhone settings show that LTE is enabled, and during the first week of October I received a text message from Rogers advising me that LTE was now available in my area. I checked the coverage map and confirmed that Guelph is now covered by Rogers for LTE.


Last week I received an email from Rogers saying the LTE was now available in my area - the coverage map still says that Guelph is covered but I have NEVER had an LTE connection, just 3G.


Can I ask whether the notes from Rogers were premature, or whether there is an issue with my phone accessing LTE?





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Re: LTE Coverage in Guelph

Hi grahamfreeman,


Have you confirmed your data plan is LTE capable?



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Re: LTE Coverage in Guelph

I just bought an iPhone 5 today through Rogers (also in Guelph), and am unable to send/receive calls. My data is fine (I'm sending this on my phone), and texts work. I am constantly showing 1 or 2 bars and LTE. Sometimes it goes to 3or4 bars with 3G.

I'm calling tomorrow to try and figure it out.
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Re: LTE Coverage in Guelph

I can confirm, living in Guelph, Rogers LTE coverage is horrible and 3G isn't much better. There are plenty of times my iPhone 5, is switching between E and 3G. I rarely use LTE to begin with but coverage is brutal at best. Especially at the U of G.
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