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LG G3 decryption issue after lollipop

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Ive had my phone encrypted for a while now because of work email accounts. The other week I decided to upgrade to lollipop after pushing it off for a while. The upgrade seemed to go fine.. I have since switched phones and wanted to decrypt the phone and format it so I can sell it. The problem is its been stuck on the LG Life Is Good logo when I try to decrypt the phone. The red LG logo is doing the little shimmering effect it normally does but its stuck there.

I did not decrypt the phone prior to the update. I think that may be the cause for this. (need to decrypt first before the update).
I can reboot the phone and still get into it using the passcode. but if I try to decrypt the phone, its stuck on the LG life is good screen.

I dont care about the data/msgs etc... I just want to turn off the encryption as I do not need those work emails on my phone. would be great to hear if anyone else has had this and if so, how you were able to get past this.



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Re: LG G3 decryption issue after lollipop

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Hi @aguynamedvic , I know most users will encrypt their device to protect valuable data. I can see in your case this was done to protect your work email accounts.


From what I have read and heard, sometimes encryption can cause more bad than good at times. I see that you have stated you have tried rebooting your device? Did you reboot back to the factory settings? This will erase all your device data, but in theory should work.


@Meowmix any other ideas? If anyone in the community has come across this issue before with success or failure, please feel free to chime in!


Thank you.

Re: LG G3 decryption issue after lollipop

Well that's the other half of the problem, I can't do a factory reset either since it does the same thing.. It just stayed on the LG screen. Already been an hour and still no progress. The phone has warranty until sept 15 so I may have to take it in for repair/replacement

Re: LG G3 decryption issue after lollipop


Hmm, yes I understand. I’ll keep looking to see what I can find.


In the meantime let’s see if anyone in the community can provide any tips. Keep us posted as well if anything changes.


Thank you.

Re: LG G3 decryption issue after lollipop

just wanted to add that yesterday I took the phone in for warranty repair since every other option to fix/restore the phone didn't work.

Re: LG G3 decryption issue after lollipop

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Open the back cover of your smart phone and remove the battery. This will power off the device. Now put the battery back in and close the cover.
Now you have to press the key combination to access the recovery mode. This differs for all the different mobile phones. In some phones it is Vol Up + Power or Vol Down + Power while in others it could be Vol Up + Vol Down + Power. You have to check your device manual, google it or ask on xda-forums about this. These key combination will boot your phone into the recovery mode.
Once you are inside the recovery mode, choose the option to wipe data/factory reset. This option shall delete all if your user data including the installed apps, personalized settings and added Google accounts. After the data wiping is finished, choose the reboot system now option from the recovery to boot into the normal mode and access Android OS without any errors. For assistant support check LG G3 Manual. Good Luck. 


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