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LG G2 connectivity problem/mystery

I've Been Here Awhile

I'm experiencing a recurring problem with my phone.


Problem: It will occasionally behave as if its in airplane mode for hours at a time for no apparent reason.  During such times, i have no data, i can't dial/text out, or receive in.  It's pretty random.


I'm in a somewhat more remote area, but i still get at least 4G.  I've had older rogers smartphones at my location for years with no issues and I don't know why a specific phone would function better or worse from the same location on the same network so i don't suspect its a rogers issue (network or service area).



On advice from tech support i've factory reset and restored my phone with no success


I sent my phone away for repair, it came back that they just updated the software...


I sent my phone away again and it came back NFF (no fault found)...


Both times the loaner phones functioned without issue in terms of general connectivity.


I'm am STILL experiencing the issue.  After ruling out Rogers, I don't know what else it could be other than faulty software or faulty hardware although i've been assured its neither.


I've had limited success by flipping airplane mode on and off, but it'll work for a single call and then i have to do it again, if it even works.


I've really enjoyed the phone otherwise, but this issue and the inability to solve it, are making me strongly reconsider


Please advise


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Re: LG G2 connectivity problem/mystery

I Plan to Stick Around
Have you tried using someone else's Rogers SIM card to see if you still have issues? If it works, you my try a new Rogers SIM card.

Re: LG G2 connectivity problem/mystery

I've Been Here Awhile

Yup, I've tried that several times at the rogers store


Another symptom is that there's no indication that i'm connected to any network.  No LTE/4G/E icon, and my  mobile network state shows disconnected.


I have 5 bars on no discernable network, and when i try and make a call the signal strength drops to 0 and back up after the call fails.

Re: LG G2 connectivity problem/mystery

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello Ryokirah

Have you tried to contact LG? Explain you have sent it in and Rogers has found nothing but the phone is still having issues. See if you can send the phone into LG instead of Rogers. This problem seems to be your device causing this.

Re: LG G2 connectivity problem/mystery

I Plan to Stick Around

Ryokirah, any luck fixing your G2?👍

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