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LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue

I'm Here A Lot

My son has an LG G2, and for the past several months has had problems with intermittent texting issues. He can send texts with no problems, but many times does not receive texts. He will go hours without a text and then get them all at once. And often they are out of order, and sometimes he receives them multiple times. Other times he doesn't get the text at all.


Information about this problem:

  • occurs in any location and is not just happening at home.
  • occurs with texts from senders with all types of phones.
  • he did not have any texting issues with the loaner phones provided by Rogers, and his SIM card put into another phone did not cause any issues.

Results from Rogers attemps to repair:

  1. The phone was sent for repair and when it came back it worked fine in the Rogers store. After going home, the same problem came back later the same day. As I said, it is an intermittent issue and we were unable to duplicate the problem at the Rogers store, and obviously when it went for repair they couldn't duplicate it either.
  2. The phone was sent out for repair again and was replaced with a refurbished LG G2. But the same problem still occurred over the next several days.
  3. I called Rogers again and they swapped it with another refurbished G2, but he did not receive the 2nd text I sent him and is still now having this intermittent issue.


If there is a solution to this issue please help!




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Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue



After trying all of the suggestions in these posts with no luck, Rogers has finally come up with the solution that worked.


My son's texting issues now appear to be resolved.


Thank you for your help.


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Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue


Good evening @cindypaul2 ,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forums!


We are truly sorry about the problems you have been experiencing with your device.

We certainly want to investigate this matter, in order to see if there would be another resolution.


Although the SIM card was placed in another phone and did not have any issues, I would still recommended trying out a new SIM card if you have not already done so.


Has the text messaging issue ever been escalated to our Network Team? 


If not, in this type of situation, we would need to gather some more specific information, such as :

  • Time message was sent at
  • Telephone number it was sent from,
  • When the message was received on the affected users device or if it wasnt received etc. 

With this information, our Network Team will have the ability to confirm if the issues are caused by the device or if it is something on our side. If the problem is device related, you could try performing a factory reset and, if this does not resolves the situation, we can definitely try swapping it out again etc.


Do you know if the phone is still under warranty? 


We would like to help you in regards to this situation, if it has not yet been resolved.

Please, let us know if you still need help. 



Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue

Thank you for your response.


I don't believe this issue has been escalated to your Network Team. I can give examples of texting issues today, April 26th as shown below.


I sent texts from my phone to my son's phone (the problem phone) at:

  • 12:05 pm - he did not receive this text at all
  • 1:57 pm - he received this text at 7:31 pm (he did not receive any texts all day and restarted his phone; after a few minutes he received all of the texts shown below, but some still did not get delivered to his phone)
  • 3:33 pm - he did not receive this text at all
  • 4:38 pm - he received this text at 7:31 pm
  • 4:37 pm - My husband sent my son a text and one to me at this time. I received my husband's text right away, but my son did not receive his text until 7:31 pm. I replied to my husband's text at 4:38 pm which he received right away.
  • 5:09 pm - My son texted a friend at this time, but didn't receive the response until 7:31 pm.
  • 7:31 pm - My son received 2 text messages from a friend at this time. He had sent one to his friend at 2:27 pm. It appears that his friend answered right away but my son did not get these texts until 7:31 pm.

We have 3 android phones in our household. Mine and my husband's receive texts without issue; just my son's phone is having problems.


The phone is under an extended warranty as it was sent in for repair (for this issue) just before the warranty expired. This resulted in an extended 3 month term. I believe that it is extended until some time in June 2015.


I would appreciate any and all help you can provide. As I'm sure you are aware, this is very frustrating.

Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue

Hi @cindypaul2 


Definitely understand how frustrating this can to deal with your son’s phone. Smiley Sad


We’ll definitely assist in figuring out a resolution for you!


Before we get to investigating with our Network Team, let’s try getting a new SIM card for your son’s device and see if that resolves the texting issue that the phone is experiencing.


Please update us after getting the new SIM.



Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue



I purchased a new SIM card for my son's phone this evening from our local Rogers store. 


The first text I sent to his phone with the new SIM card was received after several seconds. However, after waiting about 10 minutes, I texted him again, and my husband texted him too:


  • Text sent from me at 5:54 pm - he did not receive this text
  • Text sent from me at 5:59 pm - he received this text at 6:17 pm
  • Text sent from my husband at 5:59 pm - my son received it at 6:17 pm
  • FYI  - I also sent a text to my husband at 5:59 and he sent one to me; we both received each other's texts within seconds.

Based on the above information, I don't believe the new SIM card has solved this issue.


Your continued help is much appreciated.

Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue

Good evening @cindypaul2 ,


I am sorry that the SIM card change did not resolve the text messaging issue.


We definitely want to look into this, in order to identify what is causing the issue.


I'll have our @CommunityHelps  team reach out to you via Private Message, so we can assist with this.


Look out for the message in your inbox :smileyhappy:



Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue

I did receive a message from the Community Help team. Unfortunately they are no help at all.


I'm not sure what they think they did, but I received a text message a few hours ago saying my issue was resolved. 


Nobody contacted me or my son to check if he was receiving text messages. He is still having this issue. I did not receive a reply to the last two emails I sent them. 


I have been dealing with Rogers on this issue since we first sent the phone for repair on March 9th - through the store, over the phone, and now the internet. Rogers has not solved the issue, and obviously has no idea how to solve it.


What are you going to offer for all the time, aggravation, and spending money on a SIM card he didn't need?


It is time to step up, Rogers! What are you going to do to make up for all of this?


Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue

Hi @cindypaul 


Sorry to hearSmiley Sad


I just touched base with our support team and they informed me they sent you a private message informing you that the issue had been escalated to the network team on Monday. Did you check your inbox?

Our engineers conducted an investigation and concluded that the device was the cause.


They have recommended to factory reset the device but this time do not restore any previous data as corrupted files on your son backup could be the cause of the issue.


If the issue is still reoccurring with the device at its factory default state then the device would need to be serviced/replaced again.




Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue

Yes, I did get the first email message but I have sent back two further emails with questions that weren't responded to.


I am also very upset that I received a text message saying my issue was resolved - with no explanation as to what had been done. Nobody contacted me to ask if the phone was now working properly (which it still wasn't). 


We have done a factory reset several times. It doesn't work. I'm not doing it again. We have had enough. This is already the third phone. Obviously the LG G2 has issues. I have spent countless hours at the Rogers store, on the phone, on the internet, with the exact same response and result each time.


In the meantime, I can't rely on sending text messages to my son. He has no idea when friends are contacting him. We sent the original repair in on March 9th, but in actuality, we have been dealing with this issue for many months and decided to send it in when the problem started getting worse. I think this phone only worked properly for about 6 months.


I feel now that Rogers is just stretching this out until we have paid off the phones and are ready for new ones - keeping us going through the same cycle of repair, get the phone back, see it doesn't work, then send for repair again.


We do not want to continue with the LG G2 - three times is enough. We would now like a different model of equal value to the LG G2. All the loaner phones my son had worked with no problem, then when an LG G2 came back, all the issues started again.


My husband is extremely frustrated. His words: "Either send us an equal value, different model phone, or we will stop paying our bill and go to another provider." I believe him.

Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue



I understand the frustrationSmiley Sad


Our Engineers update the ticket with information and an automatic message is sent. When you call into technical support, the reps are supposed to review the ticket notes and inform you on what happened and what to do next.


Also, when you receive a Private Message from our @CommunityHelps  team you need to actually log into the Community Forums and then respond.


The email only serves as a notification.


Our @CommunityHelps team is going to reach out to you via private message. Please check your inbox and respond when you are ready.



Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue



After trying all of the suggestions in these posts with no luck, Rogers has finally come up with the solution that worked.


My son's texting issues now appear to be resolved.


Thank you for your help.


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Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue

Hi @cindypaul2

So happy to hear that your son’s text messaging issue is no longer a concern.

Glad we could've been of assistance!




Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue

I am having the exact same issue as @cindypaul2. What is the resolution? Please.

Re: LG G2 Intermittent Texting Issue

Hi @Madmin


Welcome to the Community Forums!

Sorry to hear about your text messaging issue with your device.

What type of device are you using? Have you tired switching the SIM card in another device and tested?

Have you tried factory resetting your device?




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