LG Eve Android update

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Re: LG Eve Android update

Yes, 1.6 according to LG was pushed out this month to rogers (As they put it...."For testing") - so, i have no idea when it's gonna be launched. When it is, ya need the LG sync to get the update, as it won't be done OTA.


As for 2.2....yea, good luck! LOL! According to LG, the Eve "Isn't capable of the new features in 2.2, so 1.6 will be the last update"

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Re: LG Eve Android update

Just wanted to add that an open-source project called OpenEtna is trying to make Android 2.2 run on the LG Eve and it looks promising.
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Re: LG Eve Android update


my GF has this phone and she loves it

would have got her another phone if id known about lack of support

my acer is waiting.......for 2.2 also

yay rogers!!!

any updates-rumors?

Community Manager (Retired) RogersErin
Community Manager (Retired)
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Re: LG Eve Android update

Welcome to our community forums Chewy!


Our forums provide a venue where customers can help each other with technical questions.


For device and upgrade updates please check out our blog at http://redboard.rogers.com or our Twitter handle at http://twitter.com/rogersbuzz.






I'm Here A Lot
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Re: LG Eve Android update

It is a technical problem for LG eve.

1.5 does not allow many apps. among other things

Functions are limited.

That's why posters above linked to custom ROM's for rooted phones.

Why else would people put so much time and effort into tweaking their phones.

Than to eek out the max from our investment.(2.2 seems to be going good on this phone with custom ROM's and 2.1 is VERY good...I have read...)

My GF still has her warranty and would like to keep it that way.

So she is waiting.

I will keep an eye on the red board but much prefer the forum format.

Redboard feels like a big advert and you(Rogers) control the content.

Here we are free  (er)....


Community Manager (Retired) RogersErin
Community Manager (Retired)
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Re: LG Eve Android update



Thanks for participating 🙂



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: LG Eve Android update

Got the following response from LG on Oct. 11 - it looks almost identical to the one posted here near the beginning of the topic, but the dates have changed.  Funny how they say the update will be out "by October" when it's already a little late for that.  So... does Rogers have the update from LG or not? I'm getting really tired of the constant freezes and lockups on this phone - yes, I have the latest updates and have had the mainboard replaced once already.



Hello Jeff, thank you for contacting LG Customer service.

On behalf of LG Canada, thank you for your inquiries regarding the LG Eve. LG Canada is working to release the Android 1.6 OS upgrade for the LG Eve to Rogers for testing by October. It should be available for download from the LG website and will require a PC sync, as soon as possible thereafter. We appreciate your patience and thank you again for your inquiries.

LG remains committed to investing in the Android platform and will have some exciting innovations for you this year. However, a 2.1 OS upgrade for the LG Eve will not be made available as the device cannot adequately support the features associated with it.

Dave H.
LG Customer Service
LG Canada


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: LG Eve Android update

Yeah I sold my lg eve because of this....I now have the Acer liquid e runing 2.2 froyo and I also have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S I9000...Both phones are amazing however if you plan on waiting for Rogers to update them you will be waiting for quite a while...I took my time and did the reserach and it was quite easy to update the acer....Now the Galaxy S on the other hand is not so easy...I am quite frustrated with it...There is no way to go in recovery mode as of yet therefore can't root it and therefore can't install a newer version of Android...I hope the captivate does not have the same issues...If you hear of any updates for the Eve let us know...I may pick another one up if they do..I kind of miss that old phone...lol

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: LG Eve Android update

I have been reading since July that LG has released the ver 1.6 image to Rogers and that it would be available in Sept/Oct.   I love  this phone but oh my gosh... what a bunch of run around with it.   This was going to be my replacement for my home phone but I'm holding on 'til I can get something reliable.  


It's November now... please let us know whether the ver. 1.6 will be available any time soon.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: LG Eve Android update

OK - this phone was getting to be too much of a problem with lack of support for new apps, so I took the plunge and tried the OpenEtna update to 2.2.  Now, I'm absolutely no stranger to computers, hardware, software and the like, but it appears I now have a brick.  From what I understand, there are a number of these phones that have defective hardware that makes flashing them a destructive process - the file system becomes corrupt.  Unfortunately, mine was one of these phones.  The majority of Eves undergo the flash with no ill effects and many benefits.


This is advice to those who were thinking of going the OpenEtna route - only do so if you are postitive that you do not have a defective phone.  (Mine has had the mainboard replaced once already and was still flakey after that repair).


Rogers - your lack of support for this device forced me to attempt an upgrade on my own and now my phone doesn't work anymore.  I think I'm owed a warranty repair (or an early hardware upgrade) since it was a phone defect that caused the problem and Rogers/LG support policies that drove me to attempt an update.  Yes, the phone is still within the warranty period.


What does the community think, or will they have an opportunity to weigh in before this post is deleted?


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