Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3

Couple of Issues that I discovered


1. It seems that there is an issue with the sound profile.  At least for me sound and vibrate options are linked (without checking off the "Sound and Vibration" option).  When the phone is set to ring, it also vibrates.  I can shut off the option to vibrate but when I switch to vibration mode, it won't vibrate unless I readjust the intensity level.


2. Auto Correction doesn't seem to exist.  Previously, my spelling mistakes would correct itself on the fly.  On JB, it only suggests the correct word without automatically correcting it (ex. Without actually selecting the suggested words, sentence would look like this "auuto corrrevtion doesn't wrk herre")


3. Word Substitution List is not responsive. Contracted words are displayed as dont, isnt, hes etc. Instead of being corrected to don't, isn't, he's, etc. 


4. GPS was struggling to pin point my location.  Fortunately, I was able to fix this by restarting my phone


5. At time, especially when typing, I noticed the screen jump.  Similar to catching a subliminal message.  Keyboard area flickers very briefly.  (No idea what this is about)


In an attempt to solve these problems, I've done a factory reset, battery pull, adjusting settings, and research on the web.  I couldn't find a solution to these problems.  Most of the solutions were "use custom launcher" or "root your phone".  I'm sure I can root my phone and truly experience what Android has to offer but, i'm sure the average users would want problem free experience (These problems could be local however, I thought I should share this)


Overall, JB update is awesome!  You can notice the smooth transitions, snappy performance, boosted wi-fi, welcoming cosmetic changes and features.  I just can't escape the feeling that how the perfectly functional phone became some of a disaster after the update.  I would actually go back to ICS to have something reliable functional experience.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3

Thank you Krezilla for your input.

I tried looking at some of your issues


1. It works for me, when sound and vibration is off, and when it is set ring, the phone will not vibrate even though the vibration intensity is not set to zero.


2. I have tried it also and I can confirm that does not exist anymore, if it does bother you, you can use other keyboards in the Play Store like Swype or SwiftKey 3. Try them first before making a purchase.

3. Word Substitution works for me. When you mean unresponsive, did you mean the Auto Substitution List does not work? To access it go to Settings->Language and Input-> Tap on the Grear next to Samsung Keyboard->Predictive Text-> Scroll all the way down to the bottom. Select it and it should show all the contracted words, if there is nothing there you might want to do a full reset for the keyboard settings. To do that at Samsung Keyboard Settings and scroll all the way down and you will find the Reset.


4. GPS is working normally, Settings->Location Services. Make sure all of them are checked.


5. This hasen't happen to me yet. I hope that the keyboard reset will help fix the problem.


My main solutiion is factory reset but it looks like you have already done that. I really don't know and your point of going back to ICS is technically possible unless you root your phone


Hope this helps!


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3

Here is all the changes I have noticed with new JB update.


Before I continue with what Samsung did to their new JB update I would like to touch on some upgrades over ICS to JB in the first place. I will highlight some of the key ones and here is the link if you want to know more: (Note these are updates from Google and not Samsung)


  • Project Butter: Which makes a smoother UI interface, they like to call it "Buttery Smooth"
  • Expandable notifications.
  • Offline voice dicition, before you need to be online to use voice recongnition but not anymore
  • Google Now.


Now here are the updates from Samsung:

I will first touch on the Home Screen. Really there isn't any much change when you first look at it, there will be changes in the widgets (which I would touch later)  THe big thing is when in the settings, there is home screen mode and it offers two modes, Basic which is the one you are most familiar and Easy Mode which is more directed to new smartphone users. Other than that they have changed how the folder looks like and how it interacts. 


They have also added Blocking Mode (explained in Settings section)


In the Widgets department, they have added and changed some stuff:

  • New Widgets for email
  • New widgets for Favourite: Apps, Contacts(x2), Settings
  • New Widgets Messenging 
  • New Music Playlist button/widget and My call sound
  • Two new S Planner Widgets a mini today version and a task version

Changes in Samsung Apps

  • In the camera app, nothing really changed besides some new scene selections
  • Calculator: no changes
  • Clock: Alarm: has new background picture that  changes depending on the time of day
  •             World Clock: A national flag to go with the city
  •             Stopwatch and Timer: New redesign, looks better IMO
  •             Desk Clock: Added calendar
  • Downloads: No changes
  • Email: Nothing changed except for a new "New Meeting Invitation" option
  • Internet: Nothing drastic changed (I can't really comment because I haven't touched the browser I always used Chrome)
  • Music Player: There is an option to pause and play on the album cover and a selection for searching up folders and nearby devices
  • My Files: No change
  • S Memo: No change
  • S Planner: Events on month gets and new redesign and added a tab for tasks
  • There are no changes to: AllShare Play, ChatON, GameHub, MoreServices,SSuggest,Samsung Apps,Voice Recorder.
  • Video Hub: It is now more rich with movies and tv shows to buy and rent. AND IF YOU LOG IN NOW YOU GET A $10 VOUCHER!
  • S Voice: More conversational, before it could only output info, but now you can make basic conversation!
  • Video Player: Thumbnails of videos actually play a few seconds of the video

Rogers has also added serveral more apps in there: Games, Ringbacks, Ringtones, and Rogers Navigator


Double Tapping the home button at the home screen will get you to S Voice

and holding the home button will get you to the task manager.


The task manager has also changed, the buttons has been changed to the right it would head into active apps. At the right, it would kill all running apps and the middle button will go to Google Now.


In JB, Google Search has become Google Now, which is more dynamic, personal for displaying important info. Information is displayed in cards, these cards can be personallized by many different factors. Cards like weather displays the weather according to location, Sports for showing info before,during and after games of your fav teams, Traffic to show you traffic routes, flights to show you info for your flight, currency and translator for when it detects you are out of the country, there are many other different cards you can explore too.


Searching with Google Now is a lot more simple and intutive also, questions are displayed in cards and can quckly change from images, places and more.


Also the keyboard has changed also!  The letters are a bit bigger and replacing most of the emoticons on the keyboard, they have added different sorts of shapes. Also changing from languages are easier by just swiping the space bar from either left or right.


Last but not least there are...the Settings!

By far I think its the biggest changes. So I split off into sections


Wireless and Networks

  • Nothing has changed expcept for some reorganizing in "More Settings"


  • Home Screen Mode (I have talked about it above)
  • Blocking Mode  which all notifications for selected features are disabled and only recieve notif. from incoming calls from the people you select. Also there are set time for which these are active
  • Sound: no change
  • Display: There is a new Page Buddy, when it is enabled like when you plug your head phones in, there is a special screen in your home screens with a special indicator it displays widgets like music and video and changes the dock to apps you might want to use for your headphone use.
  • Storage: no change
  • Power Saving: No Change
  • Battery: Added a refesh button
  • App Manager: A little reorganizing.


  • Location Services: no change
  • Lock Screen: Used to be barried inside the settings so now you can access it easier. To explain you can chnage the method of unlocking your phone like face and voice or pin can customize it too and also add your own message.
  • Security: reorganized
  • Language and Input: Reorganized (I like to note that there is a tutorial for the new keyboard in the settings of "Samsung keyboard)
  • Back up: no change


They have decided to not make a seperate button and access to all your accounts but listed them all as a serperate section all in the settings



  • Motion: Reorganized and added tutorials for features.
  • Accessory: No change
  • Date and Time: No change
  • Accessibility: Added new features for new JB update, refer to updates from Google about JB
  • Developer Options: Added a TON of new features, I won't touch on it because average users won't use it
  • About Device: Nothing change besides the new Android verision number and easter egg...

I hope that is would help you decide to use Jelly Bean or not, in my personal preference I like the new update a lot! But I didn't get any of the problems that others are getting also. I think it's worth the upgrade. 


I have posted some screenshots here


Feel free to post any questions!


I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 39

Re: Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3

Got the new update Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Everything works OK, a few setting changes here and there. Don't notice much difference.

I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 3

Re: Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3



Thank you for your feedback.  So I thought I should give a quick update on my aforementioned issues.


1. Sound option:  I'm still unable to make the phone ring and vibrate independantly.  There are two options that I found.  Under the "Normal Mode", I uncheck "Vibrate when notified" within the setting for Messages to prevent my phone from vibrating.  This appeared to fix the problem.  However, I found that when I switched to the "Vibrate Mode", my phone won't vibrate upon receiving a message unless I reactivate the "Vibrate when notified" option. 


It seems that vibrattion option is "fixed" regardless of the mode I choose to use (These setting might be coupled).  Disabling in one mode causes the other mode to misbehave.  When going from Ring to Silent or Vibrate to Silent, I can see the settings changing to reflect the specific profile.  However, between Ring and Vibrate, the settings are fixed (or universal).  My research shows that there are small number of people having the similar issue with no effective resolution.


2. Auto Substitution List: This list was automatically populated but it wasn't being recognized.  I had to clear this list and enter each words manually.  It was tedious and painful but, now it's working


3. Screen Jumps: Since this only happens occasionally, I'm not too bothered by it.  After multiple factory resets, it seems to be working just fine. 


So, ultimately I'm trying to fix the Vibrate vs. Sound issue.  Any inputs, thoughts, or comments are welcomed.



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 54

Re: Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3

Also having the sound vibrate problem but I only noticed it after I read this and tried testing it but doesn't bug me much since my phone is always on sound and vibrate. My real problem is random reboots. Since the update my phone has randomly rebooted itself twice, is this happening to anyone else? 


For the keyboard you should just download another keyboard I stopped using the default samsung keyboard a long time ago. Right now I'm using the AOSP 4.2 keyboard but I also have Swype installed, both keyboards are much better then the default samsung keyboard. I wouldn't recommend getting the SwiftKey keyboard because it costs money and if rumours are right then the 4.1.2 update will change the default Samsung keyboard to a SwiftKey keyboard (just like the Note 2) 

I've Been Here Awhile
Posts: 3

Re: Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3

I gave up trying to find a seems that I'm wasting my time.  I will just have to hope that 4.1.2 can make some improvements.  Who knows when that will come out....

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3

Me too! 


I just thought I would add that I too have the same problem with KIES and the "lost connection" as soon as the firmware is being downloaded to my PC. Samsung don't seem to understand, but in case anyone else has the issue, my KIES then hangs up and when I kill the task, then the USB connection fails on next connect. Then I do the "troubleshoot connection errors, and then KIES and phone can talk again. 


I will hope for an ota update, but generally KIES seems to need some improvement. 

I have an AMD 64, WIndows 7 (64 bit). I discovered that I needed to install JRE (64 bit) for KIES to connect - so that got me to the state where it actually connects. 



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 12

Re: Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3

Sorry folks. I thought with a "reply" button on each message mine would be threaded and not just added to the end. I was commenting about a message a page and a ha;f back 😞
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Jelly Bean For Samsung Galaxy S3

So I just updated my Samsung Galaxy S3. I updated it through wifi.


I am not seeing a graphical change in the menu system. I still have the same **bleep**ty icons... i was really looking forward to that as well as some other things 😕


I dont have the lock button on the bottom with the multiple drag icons. 


I dont get it....


anyone else getting this problem ?

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