Is there a usage extend plan?

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Is there a usage extend plan?

Hello, I'm using Rogers 250GB Ultimate plan, but as my home have 4 people and all of us likes watching movies online,  the 250GB per month usage is not enough for us at all. And the Ultimate plan which have 1TB usage isn't avilable for my location. Is there any things like extend usage plan for such case? 



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Re: Is there a usage extend plan?

Yes and no.

They have the UNLIMITED addon.

If you only have internet &/or internet and 1 other service (home phone or tv), it is $30 extra.. But that is still ALOT cheaper than overages in the long run.

If you have TV, internet, and home phone... the unlimited addon, is only $10 extra.

This unlimited, can be put on any plan, other than LITE.  So if you dont specificaly need the SPEED of ultimate, and can drop down one level, you could save money there, and add unlimited to that plan