Is the W35 HSPA+ compatible?

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Is the W35 HSPA+ compatible?

When I got my rocket hub 2 years ago, my area was only HSPA.  It has since been upgraded to HSPA+.  When my contract runs out in a couple months, would I have to purchase one of the new hubs to use the HSPA+?  Or can the W35 take advantage of it?






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Re: Is the W35 HSPA+ compatible?

Hi Matthew,


That's a good question! I checked the device specifications and foudn that the W35 is only compatible with HSPA. This means while you may be in an HSPA+ area the device will only perform on HSPA speeds.




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Re: Is the W35 HSPA+ compatible?

Stay with what you have unless your unhappy with service, speeds, over priced internet. I doubt an updated hub is going to give you real world faster speeds. Somewhere on Rogers site they did post the expected speeds of the different hubs and the newer 21Mbps system real world speeds is slightly higher than the current rocket hubs. Very disappointing I find. Bottom line is if Rogers changes the system and our hubs are no longer compatible they should be contacting us and offering an upgrade, no charge, no contract.