Is it worth it to go up to Hybrid Fibre 30??

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Is it worth it to go up to Hybrid Fibre 30??

Hey fellow customers,


Well I currently have the 3 bundle package with rogers (Cable, TV and Home Phone), signed up with Rogers also to get the Home Monitoring Service. I currently have the older internet plan though (Express 25 down/ 2up). But the new home monitoring service uses the wifi/ internet. I would like to know if the home monitoring will slow down my wifi and bring up my usage and all the bad stuff evidently making me overpay.... I already have problems with my wifi slowing down and sometimes dropping the signal becuase i have the crappy SMC modem/router when my kids are using their laptop/ phone. When i had the rogers modem back in 2010 with my dlink router i never got dropped/ slow signal. If i were to move up to Hybrid Fibre 30, and change the modem/router would it help?



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Re: Is it worth it to go up to Hybrid Fibre 30??

Well there are a couple of things to go over here.


Usage with the home monitoring.  Does it use some? yes.  But, VERY minor overall, especially if you are just doing stuff like arming, checking, etc. 

If you are doing the viewing VIDEO CAMERAS through it, etc.. that may use up a little more.
I have it, and on days that i am away from my house, i see like maybe 5mb usage, likely just from the home monitoring.


Going from the 25/2, you obviously will get a bit of a speed increase... your usage limit though, you will be pleasantly supprised 🙂
While the 30/5 by default goes down to 70g (so a loss of 10g!) because you have all 3 services, you can ask them and they will be able to give you a 200g bonus for free 🙂


For the 30/5, they will likely want to move you to the CISCO or CGN2, both of these being an $8 rental (though that is built into the current pricing you see for the 30/5.  They are MARGINALLY better than the SMC, but not much.
You can go up to the ADVANCED modem, but it is $12 rental, so would cost you $4 more than the listed plan price overall.

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Re: Is it worth it to go up to Hybrid Fibre 30??

It should be added too that no matter which of the D3 modems you use, you are better off using bridge mode with your own router!
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Re: Is it worth it to go up to Hybrid Fibre 30??

I normally 100% agree with JohhnyRockets... except for MAYBE in this case.


The one thing here is.. the rogers home security.

With this setup, they will be using the rogers supplied netgear for it to talk to the security system.. Its all set up, etc.

Normally, you would just plug into the rogers gateway, it creates it own seperate private network, only for the security system, etc.


While you CAN put it into bridged, use your own router, etc... rogers can not 100% guarantee the connectivity completely then.  Its possible there could be issues of it translating through the 3rd party router, etc.


ALL in all, the ROUTING on the gateways, is not that bad.  ITs the wireless where it fails mostly. 
In my case, it didnt like going through my 3rd party in bridged.. so i have my CGN3 in gateway mode, with no wireless, and use my own GOOD wireless access point to get the wireless where i need.

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Re: Is it worth it to go up to Hybrid Fibre 30??

i do the bridge thing works way better - no drops and 5 bars all over the house and yard - great by the pool 

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