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Is Rogers internet down?

I've Been Here Awhile

Just called internet techincal support and the recorded message says the internet is down in Toronto.

We are in Orangeville anybody else having troubles...


Ironically I just upgraded my internet account and from the moment I received the conformation email the internet went down!!!



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Re: Is Rogers internet down?

Oh i agree, its a slap.

Unfortunately, the users ALWAYS.. and not just with rogers, but many other companies, ISPs and more, always get the short end.

Those lovely ToU/ToS's... pretty much say that they dont guarantee it to begin with, so technicaly they dont have to compensate ANYTHING 😞


But they should, out of a sign of good will, etc.

Re: Is Rogers internet down?

I Plan to Stick Around

I am in OTTAWA. My internet was down too. I looked for Rogers' apology notice ,email , or letter. But never found. I believe we customer deserve it.

Re: Is Rogers internet down?

There was a small appology i saw on Facebook.. but thats it 😞

Re: Is Rogers internet down?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
That apology was given a day after the incident which means nothing to the customers. " We are sorry" Those are the words Rogers ALWAYS uses when something is wrong. Instead of saying " We are at fault & we will credit customers".. Honestly the apology from Rogers means nothing to me anymore.

Funny how they can post it on Facebook but not here eh?

Re: Is Rogers internet down?

I've Been Around

Smiley MadSmiley Sadmy internet is down in mississauga it went out at 3am i was playing Xbox 1. When will it come back on?


Re: Is Rogers internet down?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

This isnt the best place to ask.. even the rogers people here, are not tech support people.

Best bet to find out, is to call in.  They can hopefuly let you know if there is an outage in the area or something else going on..  and if they dont have any info, you call can at least help REPORT the problem in the area.

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