Is Rogers internet down?

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Re: Is Rogers internet down?

I'm in Ottawa and when I tried to get on with my laptop just before midnight I couldnt get on. The message said something about DNS and to reboot the modem and restart my computer. Did that then another message said I had to reset my homepage. Did that and after a few minutes of sluggish response all seems to be working fine.

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Re: Is Rogers internet down?

Had the same outage here in Toronto from about 11pm Sunday night to 12:30am. I tried to call tech support several times but could never get through, in fact even their automated phone system was on the fritz. I heard no recorded message about Toronto being down. My parents in markham were fine though. Strange even my 3G and LTE on my iPhone 5 wasn't connecting anywhere. All is back up now.
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Re: Is Rogers internet down?

I was down 11:45pm Sun the 25th to 12:15am Monday in Mississauga.  3G on my Rogers iPhone 4 was down too.  You know it's bad when both the cable and cell data are down.


To change your DNS server just Google: change dns server in windows 7  - or whatever OS you are using.


Here is Microsoft's instructions for Win7

Changing TCP/IP Settings for Win7

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Re: Is Rogers internet down?

It is intermitantly down in my area, too. Richmond Hill, between Major M, and 16th, est of Bayview.


After some digging, I found the DNS server (only 1 was offered by Rogers, to save money?) is not responding. After I changed DNS to (google DNS), everything goes back to normal.


This is 2nd time since August that this has happened. It is time to consider a more reliable and probably cheaper, service provider.



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Re: Is Rogers internet down?

Internet was down in North York since around 11pm on Sunday.  I have checked at 7am on Monday, and it was still down for me even after rebooting my modem and the router.  Will have to try again after work tonight.

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Re: Is Rogers internet down?

Thank You Rogers for **bleep** me out of the chance to receive my Certificate of completion for the online course I was taking, the final submission deadline came and went while your service was down.  INTERNET FAIL

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Re: Is Rogers internet down?

Was down here to In Midtown toronto from 11pm till 12:30am. No cable internet or 3G cell data . Nada, nothing.

i was stuck on hold with rogers until my battery went dead. No recorded  message or warnings or live persons at all. Just message advertising rogers great network! ( that didn't work) .


Rogers still handles it all so wrong.

Service not provided.

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Re: Is Rogers internet down?

As soon as the internet issues started, I haven't been able to call any Rogers number.


It either says Network is Busy (Which is kind of insane considering they have one of the biggest networks in the world),


Also I've tried calling from my other cell phones which use companies other than rogers. Haven't been able to call a rogers number through that either.


Would be nice if a staff would shed some light as to whats going on.

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Re: Is Rogers internet down?

My pc says that it cannot connect to the Rogers DNs server.

You can change the DNS server settings tp use a public one.

Worked for me, still cant get a hold of rogers though.

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Re: Is Rogers internet down?

Internet is down. In my house aw London. Anyone else?