Iphone plan working for blackberry BBM?

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Iphone plan working for blackberry BBM?



Just wondering if someone could answer me this. I have an iphone plan but my iphone recently broke, so I was just curious if my iphone plan will work towards my Blackberry such as BBM. I know it works for the internet.


Thanks guys!


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Re: Iphone plan working for blackberry BBM?

Hello nathan1el

It all depends which BlackBerry you will be using. If you are going to be using the older blackberries such as a the Curves, Bolds and torch, then you will NOT work for BBM. You will need to contact Rogers to add the BIS in your account. This is BlackBerry Internet service. This will enable any access to the Internet such as BBM.

If you will be using the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones such as the Z10, Q10 OR Q5, that plan will work fine as the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones use regular data.

In other words, if it's a older BlackBerry you need to call Rogers and have them enable BIS on your account. It will not cost thing. They should just be able to add a number and BIS on it.
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Re: Iphone plan working for blackberry BBM?

Warning,  changing your iphone DATA plan to one with Blackberry Data is NOT always as simple as explained on here.  It might sound simple in logic, but please pLeAsE PLEASE double check with the Customer Service Agent and CONFIRM your current data plan and the one you will be switching to. 


For the record, the DATA Plan that iPhones use, are NOT compatible with old blackberries (the only exception is BB10 which oddly does not use a BB data plan any more)


Now BE WARNED your data term is ATTACHED to your DATA Plan, if your on a 3-year Data plan, and lets say for example your data term started on Sept of 2010, and expires Sept 2013 , this is DATA term expiry, NOT your voice term,  and the rep changes your data plan, you can ONLY change to a Blackberry option with the SAME term,  its not always going to be available nor will the plan always have the same data due to the many plans they relseased ,but be sure you doubel check because they might switch you and your Data term will be reset which means it will have a START date of aug 2013 and expiry of aug 2016,  why is this important?  becaues if you cancel they may want to charge you data early cancellation fee DECF even though you fulfulled your contractual obligations, why is this important? because as a consumer you should know the facts and agents just want to get you off the phone and will not tell you everything you need to know.


so ask if they are modifying your data term and ask them to backdate it because its wrong. then tell them to add the equivalent bb term if one exists.  some small data plans like 100-200 mb dont have a blackberry equivalent, so u have to go to a higher one, thus costing you more