Iphone 6 Data Usage Change - Excessive - Are there others out there?

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Iphone 6 Data Usage Change - Excessive - Are there others out there?

I thought this was an annomoly on my end, but after finding some other discussions about this in other places, I am starting to wonder.


Anyone notice significant changes?


Usage listed below.


I was away for 1 week in the June billing cycle (USA)

I was away for 1 week in the August billing cycle (USA)


I have daily tracking on my new bill... the strangest part about that month is that I flew into Toronto on a sunday and landed at 3pm EST. We left from Seattle, so my phone was no used on Rogers until I arrived back in Toronto. That day alone, I used 1.5GB of data. I know it is possible to do this in one day - or from 3pm until 11:59pm - but I cannot remember doing something that would consume that much data in 9 hours... especially because I returned home and connected with my WIFI at around 5-6pm.


Jan 2015 - 4.2 GB

Feb 2015 - 4.22GB

Mar 2015 - 12.32GB - Overage, At the time I think it was me. I didnt realize until now that it said 12GB, but I dont remember exactly what happened back then.

Apr 2015 - 6GB

May 2015 - 2.84GB

Jun 2015 - 2.98GB

Jul 2015 - 3.01GB

Aug 2015 - 9.26GB

Sep 2015 - 4.2GB (12 Days Remaining)


I have been talking with a guy on twitter who is on FIDO with the same issue.

My current tracking app is not changing the same compared to what Rogers says about my usage.

I have added an aditional tracking app - I am going to see if it captures things differently.

It also records daily tracking.

I have taken a screen capture of all the data using apps to see if I can identify if one is causing the problem - if an app is causng this.





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Re: Iphone 6 Data Usage Change - Excessive - Are there others out there?

Good day @voodoo_ca,


It is great that you are aware of how to keep track of your Data usage. Keep in mind that the usage isn’t in real time, on the MyRogers app, and there is a delay for the information to be fully updated.


You can limit your use of Wireless Internet by making little changes like:


Online Gaming: Games that require constant Internet connection use up a lot of data and may increase your usage. 

Downloading Apps / Content Downloading Apps or Games on your computer first and then moving them to your device afterward. Some operating systems, automatically download and update apps in the background.

Streaming Media/Video streaming uses a lot of data, so try and limit that kind of activity on your phone.

To turn automatic app updates off on your phone in iOS: Settings > iTunes & App Store > Set the Use Cellular Data toggle to off.

Apps that use data: A lot of Apps use Wireless Internet to update themselves or upload current information. Check out each app’s Terms and Conditions to see. 

Notifications: Some apps send out notifications to let you know if something about the app changes or it needs updating, etc. To turn off all notifications: Settings > Notifications > Select the app > Select None.

Programs running in the background: Some programs will keep working in the background even when you’re not using them. To stop programs from running in the background: iOS 

  • Double-tap your home screen button.
  • The list of running programs will appear at the bottom of your screen.
  • Scroll to the right to see programs running. Tap and hold the program you want to stop.
  • A red circle will appear over the program. Tap the red circle to stop the program from running. 

Location Services - This feature is mainly for GPS and Maps. It helps pinpoint your exact location to give you more accurate directions. When you’re not using the Maps App, you should turn it off.

  • To turn off Location Services: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Slide to O.

Tethering (Hotspot) Tethering lets you share your Smartphone’s Internet connection with other devices. 

  • Limiting the use of tethering can help :Settings > General > Cellular > Personal hotspot > Slide to OFF

Email Push/Fetch Timings : Push automatically notifies you when you get an email. If you’re logged into more than one email account on your phone. Fetch timing will check your email server regularly for new mail. You can change this setting to manual, so you’ll check your e-mail only when you choose to.

  • iOS: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data >Slide to OFF.

I hope this helps you reduce the data currently being used every month!


-Did you identify which apps or features were using most of your data?


-While away in the United States, did you use ROAM LIKE HOME?



I've Been Around
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Re: Iphone 6 Data Usage Change - Excessive - Are there others out there?

Rogers have meter jumping for data! while my mobile data manager which I m using satisfactorily for last four years tells me use of 3.7 GB in my monthly cycle, Rogers says it is more than 6 GB. O my God I m so stressed.
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Re: Iphone 6 Data Usage Change - Excessive - Are there others out there?

Hello @Boho1,


Welcome to the Forums!

I am sorry for the late reply Smiley Embarassed


I can understand that this situation can cause a lot of stress.


Were you able to obtain the answers to your questions since you last posted?

If it is not the case, we would love to help you.


Has anything changed in the last billing cycle?


Looking forward to your reply! Smiley Wink