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Iphone 5 and Wifi issue??

I'm Here A Lot

I have noticed a problem recently. At first, my Iphone 5 would connect like normal to Wifi. Recently though, it won't see any networks in my area. Holding my Iphone 4 beside the Iphone 5 - the 4 can see 6 Wifi networks and Iphone 5 zero.

Having searched around there seems to be many people with Wifi issues related to the Iphone 5.


Has anyone else noticed this problem??

I have read many people getting a new replacement phone after their appointment at the Genius bar. Having ordered and purchased the new iphone through Rogers - should I make an appointment at a Genius bar, or go back to Rogers??





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Re: Iphone 5 and Wifi issue??

I Plan to Stick Around

as far as I can see, the are a handful of people that are in Activation and it's about Time. 

I went into activation earlier this evening at around 7:50pm. 

I ordered on the 17th at 9:45 am a 16 gig white. 



Re: Iphone 5 and Wifi issue??

I Plan to Stick Around

i have a 3gs and updated to ios6 the day it came out.   I am not having any data issues.  someone just told me about this today.  What is causing this?   My iphone 5 is on order now.  I hope I don't have issues with data when I get it.  

Re: Iphone 5 and Wifi issue??

I'm a Trusted Advisor
I am not having this issue in my iPhone 5 at all. I have ONLY used 2.1 GB since i got the iPhone out of the 6GB i have.

Re: Iphone 5 and Wifi issue??

I've Been Here Awhile

Having the same issue with high data usage while connected to WiFi. Received a text message from Rogers saying that I had reached 80% on my data usage. I never go anywhere near that the amount of data I have. Called Rogers and was told the days that I had high usage and they were all days where I was either at home on wifi or in the hotel on wifi.


Went to Apple Store today and after some checking they found that the new carrier updates were not installed as they should have when I did a sync for the first time after receiving the phone. While in the store doing a reinstall from icloud on the stores wifi we noticed that it was registering the usage as data usage.


Called Rogers right away and was told that they had no idea of the issue and that I was the first to call in about high data usage while connected to wifi network. Would suggest that if anyone is seeing the same issue to call Rogers right away.

Re: Iphone 5 and Wifi issue??

Hey there, long post but I've been having the same issue and talking to a lot of different people. Here's the summary


Got the iPhone 5 on the Monday after release (Sept 23). I was on a 1GB data plan that I was upgrading to 6GB at the end of my billing (Oct. 9). I had a Galaxy S2 before this, and the most data I ever used in a month was around 450MB. I was at 250MB (approx) when I got the iPhone. 4 days later I received a text message saying I was at 80% of my data and then 1 HOUR later, I got a text saying I was at 100%. I was not using the phone during this period (it was at night and I was asleep). 


When I did wake up and saw the text messages I checked the My Account app and it said I was OVER my limit by over 300MB. I called Rogers, and the gentleman in tech support confirmed with me that the times I was using data was when I was connected to wi-fi at home. I spoke to billing and they said I owed over $60 in overage fees. I told them about my issues and the gentleman again was very nice and gave me UNLIMITED data for a month! So, at least I'm not being billed at this point. 


The same gentleman told me it was a "known issue" and to take it to Apple. I took it to the local Apple store and the "Genius" had no idea what I was talking about. He talked to his manager, who also didn't know what I was talking about. He ran me through the same old steps, reset settings, restore phone, etc. and told me he couldn't recommend anything else other than, every time I connect to wi-fi, go into Settings and turn Cellular data to "off". Obviously this works, but isn't ideal. I phoned Apple tech support today, and got the same story. BUT, he did say that after speaking to HIS manager (who works for both Apple US and Apple Canada) that it is up to the CARRIER (in the US, Verizon was having a big problem with this) to push through the update. 


So basically, Apple is blaming Rogers, and Rogers is blaming Apple. Point is, there may be a LOT of surprised people come billing time that they are way over their data. Unfortunately, it will probably take a lot of complaints before one of the two (apple or Rogers) to get it in gear. Make sure you check and please phone Rogers!



Re: Iphone 5 and Wifi issue??

so i call again yesterday after receiving my bill ... $30 dollars more for overage of 667mb.... not huge but still burning data like crazy.... ROGERS still says it's not a 'known' issue ***... who monitors these forums... not them obviously

getting pissed


***Edited for content

Re: Iphone 5 and Wifi issue?? = High Data Usage?

I've Been Around

Got my iphone 5 less than a week, without trying anything really. I exceed 2.6GB in a few days. 

Need to call Rogers about this, wish me good luck! = I never had any good user experience when I talk to Rogers CSR. 



Re: Iphone 5 and Wifi issue??

I've Been Around

My new iphone will connect to some wifi and others it says "cant join network"  it finds it but wont join.  Anyone know how to fix this?



Re: Iphone 5 and Wifi issue??

I've Been Around

Having problems connecting to home wifi. iMac was the first problem but seems to now be resolved after tech visits, modem change and numerous calls to 611. Phone calls to 611 have been based on channel or frequency modem is set at. Now iPhone and iPad not connecting to wifi. Been months since we've had consistent service. Getting frustrated and debating leaving and going with someone else..... Can someone fix this once and for all?

Re: Iphone 5 and Wifi issue??

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello sdhodge

Which modem / router are you using? It could be that as well.
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