Ipad and Rogers tv anywhere home edition app

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Ipad and Rogers tv anywhere home edition app

I recently exchanged my next Box 3 with another one [malfunction box} everything is working with the following exception the TV any where app does not communicate to show on my IPad the shows recorded or scheduled. Iam able to search with the app and play live TV on the app. I have rebooted the PVR a number of times deleted and reinstalled the app on my IPad It does show 3 programs as recorded that where not my selection. I have deleted those 3 items and the still come back after I have shut down the whole system( overnight ) I have waited over 24 hours for the Next Box three to be registered
Any suggestions



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Resident Expert
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Re: Ipad and Rogers tv anywhere home edition app

I now when i got my NB3.. it did take a good 5 days for the system to seem to see everything across the board.