Internet without cable TV

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Internet without cable TV

Over the air - Yes, I keep considering it. But I've also come to realize I can either watch TV or have a life.

Currently I'm opting for the life, instead.

As far as TV is concerned, I think we're in a transition right now. As far as I can see, Cable TV and the Internet (and phones) are really all the same thing, the same technology.

For TV access, and phones, companies like Rogers and such impose an artificial additional layer. They add unneeded complexity. They don't add value.

It's not all their fault, the regulatory bodies were all set up assuming different technologies. They have to adapt to the new reality as well.

I also think all cable Internet providers provide an artificially expensive Internet connection service.

Rogers, in my estimation anyway, is far and away the best of these and always has been. I still think they're way overpriced, but I can't complain at the level of service.

When the public finally realize that their phones, cable TV and Internet connection all share the same technology, and are technically the same thing, there'll be a backlash. I hope Rogers survives, because they've always been superior to the others. But the whole system needs to regularize to the current reality.

The technology already has. All that's needed now is the change in perception.