Internet trouble

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Internet trouble

Lately i've been having problems with my internet, It cuts out every few minutes i dont know what else to do. I called rogers an they see no problem with my connections.



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Re: Internet trouble

Well, hopefully you have arrived at the right place to sort out the problems.  First a few questions:


1.  Does this problem occur for wired or wireless connections or both?


2.  Can you copy and paste the DOCSIS WAN downstream and upstream tables from your modem and paste them into this thread.  Those are the cable signal levels and signal to noise ratios.  The first item of business is to determine if the modem itself is operating properly with the current signal levels.  The instructions for logging in and finding the tables are shown here:


Please have a look at the section titled:  Diagnosing Slow Internet and other Signal Related Issues:

That section should hopefully provide some explanation at the same time.  Don't worry about how the data looks when it pastes in, I'll clean it up when I look at it.


3.  Do you have any other Rogers services such as Rogers Cable TV or Home Phone, and if so, are there any problems seen on those as well?


4.  Can you list the devices that you have connected to the modem, and how they connect, ie, wireless, wired Cat 5e, etc.