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Internet sharing problem?

I Plan to Stick Around

I just bought lumia 900 today and I found out I can't use the internet tethering feature.

When I am in Setting>Internet Sharing, I press "On", it will say:"internet sharing isn't currently allowed".

Do anyone else have the same problem like mine? Anyone have a clue about it?

I can use my iphone to tethering, but not lumia 900......



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Re: Internet sharing problem?

I had an issue whereby I couldn't tether (share) via an LTE connection.  It would only work in 3G (4G).  I called up Rogers and the issue was on their end so they did what they had to do and then, eureka, my LTE tethering started to work,  I had to simply turn off the phone for 2 minutes and turn it back on.


Been surfing away at LTE speeds for that past week now since that fix...


The issue isn't the Lumia.  Its Rogers just not knowing what the **bleep** they are doing yet when it comes to LTE Windoed phones.  The iPhone must have fried their brains,


Hopefully we can be done the iPhone is #1 nonesense once and for all.  Its a good phone but its not #1.  No phone is really #1...

Re: Internet sharing problem?

I have exactly the same problem. No tethering in LTE but if I back it off to 3G works like a charm. I called "technical support" and the advice was to download a third party tethering app from the marketplace. The CSR was unable to name the app. Good grief. I quoted this message about successful resolution of the LTE tethering and was met with a wall of silence. 


If anyone has any suggestions as to how to get "real" technical support from Rogers and successfully resolve this issue I would be grateful. 

Re: Internet sharing problem?

Go what I did.  Call them and **bleep** about it.


They will transfer it to Level 2 and it will take 3-5 days.  In my case it took 3.  Business Days.... 🙂


Good Luck!

Re: Internet sharing problem?

RealtorTechGuy, I'm in the same boat, with the same problem and having called Rogers numerous times.  I can SOMETIMES get it to work on 3G, but even when it connects it's extremely slow.


My issue has been raised, and I'm still waiting for a call from Rogers, but my frustration level is growing.

Re: Internet sharing problem?

I Plan to Stick Around

Please welcome me to the same issue !!! 😞 .. Everything worked fine and today i got switched to LTE 6GB Data Sharing Plan .. and Boom not working on LTE .. On third Tech Support Call. Its atleast connecting on 3G and 4G



Tech was good, worked along with Second leval tech support and found its a provisioning issue. case created and i should be able to get an answer in 72hrs