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Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

I'm Here A Lot

I'm using CGN2-ROGERS Hiltron modem

that is bridged to a NETGEAR router model R6050

My Internet package is Hybrid Fibre 60 & TechXpert



My UPLOAD speed maintains its speed at 10-11mbps but my DOWNLOAD is changing from 1 to 70mbps and causing huge lag spikes and problems where sometimes my internet blows out and I cant even load google or web pages. Its occurring for the past 6 hours and I called tech support to see if my area is affected. She mentioned something about speed being "20-10" (no idea what that means). My internet currently is fine for casual use, but I do competitive gaming and the lag is noticable and agonzing. Everytime I go on speedtest, the download speed changes, sometimes to single digits.


This lag problem affects all my devices.





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Re: Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Are you running the CGN2 in Bridge mode or Gateway mode?  With a router connected, the modem should be in Bridge mode.  You can do one of two things at this point. 


1.  Call tech support and ask the CSR to run a signals check on the modem to ensure that the RG-6 cable signal levels are where they should be, or; 


2.  Depress the reset button at the back of the modem for 30 seconds and release.  That will initiate a factory reset and reboot into Gateway mode.  Connect a pc or laptop to the modem and log into it.  The web address will be for the login page.  Login in credentials will be:


username:  cusadmin

password:  password


Login and navigate to STATUS..... CM STATUS.  Copy the downstream and upstream tables and paste them into the thread.  You should be able to copy the text data and paste that into the thread.  Those are the cable signal levels and signal to noise ratios.  If there is a signal issue it will show up in those tables.  When that is complete, navigate to STATUS .... CAPABILITY SETTING.  Deselect the Residential Gateway Function and hit APPLY.  That will kick the modem back into Bridge mode.  Disconnect the pc or laptop and reconnect it to your router. 


The next thing that you can to is to download the freebie version of Pingplotter from  Load that and run a test session to something like, or, use the gaming server if you can find the server's IP address.  If there are neighborhood node issues or downstream server issues, it will show up in the pingplotter data.  Right click on the application when its running to bring up the display options.  Select "Show Packet Loss Text on Graph" and bring up the Customize View and select all options.  You can capture the data from within pingplotter by using Edit.... Copy as Image or Copy as text.  Use the Copy as Image and paste that into something like MS Paint or other graphics program.  Save that and insert that into a post so that we can see if there are any node or server issues evident. 


For both the signal levels and pingplotter data, its useful to see one set from when your internet service is running normally and when you see data rate reductions.  Its a bit of a pain switching the modem back and forth, but, the data is very useful to ensure that signal levels are where they should be.  If they are bad enough, I'll ask you to contact Tech Support to run a signals check and possibly send out a tech to check your external cabling and connectors.

Re: Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

Its in Bridge mode. I'm having packet loss of 20% with 100 ping

Re: Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

Okay. So I got off the phone and spoke with two tech support. Both said there's a signal issue on the modem and the first tech support I spoke with said to replace the modem if the downspeed fluxuation continues and the 2nd tech support said the modem isnt responsible for speed drop/lag, and that it might be something external like the cable line or with a splitter.

So I'm getting different answers..


 Im just going to wait for the tech support and see if he can fix or find the problem. If it continues ill replace the modem.


Whats your take on this? Thanks.

Re: Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

Usually its a cable issue.  All coaxial cables have a measurable loss over any given length of cable.  As that cable ages due to weathering, the losses, as seen by a signal level drop from one end to the other will increase.  The same goes for external connectors.  It normally takes several years for that to happen.  That results in an observable signal level at the modem which is below the normal 0 dBmV target.  The modems can operate within a fairly large signal range, but, seeing numerous examples of this on the forum, problems crop up before the bottom or top limits are ever reached. If you look at the following thread you can see what the ideal levels would look like.  Scroll down to the CGN2 section:


If your downstream levels are down below -8 dBmV for example, you most likely have cable or connector issues which will require an onsite  tech to sort out.    You should have 8 downstream and 3 upstream channels running.  If you had less, in either case you definitely have problems.  The upstream should not be above 46 dBmV which is the result of the modem pushing up the output levels back to the neighbourhood node to compensate for the cable losses.  If the upstream signal levels are in the 51/52 dBmV range, they're at the upstream level limit, and you do have problems. 


If you posted your signal levels it would be easy to determine if there was a problem.  Same goes for the pingplot as there is always the chance that there might be a problem at the neighborhood node which your modem connects to.

Re: Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.





The third picture while 60down/ 10up

Re: Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

Yup, you have signal problems.  I can't believe that there is any hesitation from the CSRs to arrange a tech visit.  Call tech support, tell the CSR that your signal levels are dropping down to the -20 dBmV range instead of being at 0 dBmV and that you're missing two downstream channels.  Request a tech to visit your home to inspect and replace the cable and connectors where required.  The signal levels and missing downstream channels should stick out like a sore thumb when the CSR runs a signal check on the modem.  I really can't understand how those can be overlooked.


Please let us know how the conversation turns out.

Re: Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

Here's my pingplotter running for aprox 15m. Right click view image to see it enlarged. The 2nd guy arranged for a tech visit. Should be here later afternoon.



Re: Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

When the tech has done his or her work, and is still around, bring up the modem's CM STATUS page and check the signal levels and signal to noise ratios while the tech is still with you.  They should closely resemble the levels that are posted in the previous example.  If they are still a long ways off, don't let the tech close the ticket as there is still work to be done.  Usually, replacing the cable and connectors should restore those levels to where they should be.

Re: Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

Ok. So the tech guy came, nice guy. Showed me the downstream of my house, and the neighbors and it seems that their signal power (dBmV) is also -14 to -20. Told me that he spoke to his supervisor and that some guys are going to come fix the neighbourhood node that's affecting the signal in our area. He said he wanted to add a "booster" but didnt think it would help. Also told me he was going to monitor the area. Funny thing was he dialed my number wrong and just came. Phew.


He removed a splitter and disabled a coaxeial cable running into one of the bedrooms upstairs thats not being used. Also opened the neighbourhood node and did something, looked like a giant splitter with multiple coaxeial cables connected to it. He did something with that.


Here's the new CM status, still not looking good, but it seems like I'm not getting any packet loss anymore, I'm going to still monitor it. Got my last two downstream channels back, and going to bridge later.





Re: Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

Do you happen to have  the ticket number for the work on the node?  That would be handy to have so that you can call in and enquire on the status of the work.  One of the mods will have to approve the graphic so that its publicly available.

Re: Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

No. I would've asked if I knew they had some ticket number to follow up with. He filled some document and said he would follow up and monitor it. I don't have his number because he didn't call (mistyped my number). All I have is his name and supervisors name.


He told me some other guys, who are part of rogers, will come and check out the node and fix it as early as tomorrow or within 24-48 hours.

Re: Internet downspeed problem, can't load pages or play games.

Hi @Stumpthetrump,


What you are referring to is a maintenance technician. The service technician would have referred the call to a maintenance technician to check the node. Realistically it can take upto 7 days for a maintenance technician to come out depending on the severity of the issue and how many users are effected. Noise on the line is normally a priority issue. If the technician said 24-48 hours, please send a PM to @CommunityHelps on Thursday and we can check the status of the maintenance order for you.