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Internet disconnects every hour

I've Been Here Awhile



In the last week the internet has been disconnecting every hour for a few minutes.  My husband and I play World of Warcraft and its very frustrating to be disconnected every 60 mins for up to a few minutes.  We started to keep track of when we disconnect and its exactly every 60 minutes.  At first we thought it might be the new expansion but we are starting to think that this is a Rogers issue, since the game disconnects along with the internet.  We are at our wits end and are very frustrated with the service.  We have been with Rogers for quite a few years and every call we make we are told that everything is fine and that it must be on our end.  We have very good gaming computers, so we know its not the computers since both will disconnect at the same time.  We are seriously considering switching ISP since we have read that Rogers throttles WoW as well.


We have the SMCD3GN modem/router.


Is anyone else having this issue?  Any solutions??



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Re: Internet disconnects every hour

Resident Expert
My findings as to your above stuff.

1). Primarily it does seem while not city specific, but region specific. You see a majority post from Ottawa, Kitchener, etc. every user I know with on in my city, where my brother lives, etc, have not had the issues. It's probably people who are off certain nodes

2) different plans

3) smc and Cisco definitely, not 100% positive on the Hitron.

4) wireless is poor on these models and could just cause dropouts on its own, but this problem comes up with wired users as well. Some people into bridged mode has fixed but Not all.

Re: Internet disconnects every hour

I Plan to Stick Around

Modem sometimes does not recover and requires a power cycle.  Obviously annoying but makes tracking/predicting the hourly disconnect time a bit more difficult.


My 16yr old is severely upset with rogers because he plays xbox live competitively and automatically loses the game when the rogers modem drops out regardless of his score.  For the most part he has been tracking the hourly disconnect and working around it but a big match today caught him off guard and it cost him.  Between games, it is quite humerous to watch.  He'll be chatting in the xbox lobby with a dozen+ other gamers from around the world and he'll interrupt the conversation to say "r----s is crapping out in 5,4,3,2,1" and then the xbox pops up with a lost connection message.  When it returns he knows he is good for about 57-58 minutes.


I don't have the energy to deal with the support team over the phone but I'm confident there is enough info in this thread for a "Senior Tech" to figure out where to look.  No sarcasm on the "Senior" part this time.  If someone can get a tech to read this thread (minus my rant about contracts etc) and actually take ownership of solving the problem then there is a very good chance he/she will find the root cause. 


Perhaps someone could take the lead and escalate within Support that there are a number of people with the same problem as proven by this thread.  There will be many more users with the same problem that are oblivious it exists (although they might argue it is not a problem for them).


If needed, I will help with a bit of additional testing via this forum but I'd sooner go without internet all together for 3 weeks than have to spend another minute on the phone with Support.  Plus, I already have light at the end of the tunnel - New modem and provider goes live in 3 weeks.  For anyone still in a long term contract you'll probably want to get this resolved.


Good luck.

Re: Internet disconnects every hour

I've Been Here Awhile
There isn't another DHCP running. I set all the machines to static IPs once I turned off the DHCP server. Like I said, once I did that, it's no longer every hour DCs, but it still DCs randomly, but I have to actually restart the modem each time 'cause it doesn't reconnect with the DHCP server off.

I've tried turning firewall off, etc. Others have said turning wireless off doesn't help. It's not the modem because people have tried all the 3 types of modems and still get the issue. I don't have netflix or xbox live, and neither does anyone in my house.

I don't think what we are doing effects it either, 'cause it does it whether I'm gaming, watching videos, streaming, etc.

Re: Internet disconnects every hour

I Plan to Stick Around

Anyone running the modem in bridged mode with the WAN config set to google dns instead of rogers?


I'm set to google dns LAN side but not WAN side.


Re: Internet disconnects every hour

I've Been Here Awhile

After speaking to a Rogers rep this morning, they suggested I take in my SMC modem and swap it out.


I did that - and now home with a Hitron modem (which costs an extra $1 month btw) - and 1 hour into using it, BLIP - service dropped again.  So it wasn't the modem.


Calling Rogers again......