Internet disconnects every hour

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Re: Internet disconnects every hour

It's getting extremely irritating. Our wireless connection keeps dropping after every hour on the dot, at the same time.. At 1:04, 2:04, 3:04..It does this constantly, and it never stops..Sometimes the connection doesn't come back for about ten minutes.



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Resident Expert
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Re: Internet disconnects every hour

Do you have wired connections that do the same?  Have you checked the DHCP Lease Time to see if it happens to be set for one hour?  If it is set for 1 hour, set it for something like 1 week. 


Can you also navigate to the DOCSIS WAN page in the modem and copy the downstream and upstream tables and paste them into this thread.  Those are the RG6 cable power levels and signal to noise ratios.  Its always worth doing a quick check to see if there is anything amiss.