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Internet disconnects every hour

I've Been Here Awhile



In the last week the internet has been disconnecting every hour for a few minutes.  My husband and I play World of Warcraft and its very frustrating to be disconnected every 60 mins for up to a few minutes.  We started to keep track of when we disconnect and its exactly every 60 minutes.  At first we thought it might be the new expansion but we are starting to think that this is a Rogers issue, since the game disconnects along with the internet.  We are at our wits end and are very frustrated with the service.  We have been with Rogers for quite a few years and every call we make we are told that everything is fine and that it must be on our end.  We have very good gaming computers, so we know its not the computers since both will disconnect at the same time.  We are seriously considering switching ISP since we have read that Rogers throttles WoW as well.


We have the SMCD3GN modem/router.


Is anyone else having this issue?  Any solutions??



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Re: Internet disconnects every hour

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This is where bridging seems to help people with this issue. I believe the router acts much like your PC does and extends the lease properly.

Re: Internet disconnects every hour

Posting some more evidence in case someone sees this in the future for comparison:


I was on a Skype call today when the disconnect occurred. At the hour the internet went down Skype greyed out, I was unable to connect to websites, and I couldn't make a new telnet connection. However, my skype call was fine and continued with the other caller acknowledging conversation after the internet failure (to prove it wasn't just lagged conversation on his end).


So I have a new thoery based on this:


1) At 1 hour something happens which stops new internet connections from occurring and I'm guessing application heartbeats (eg. Skype main app).

2) Even after that existing perstistent connections (eg. peer-to-peer, persistent socket to a server) are fine. If you're playing an online game for example the game will continue to work.

3) The loss of new connectivity causes the gateway to ask for a new connection/lease and at that point everything dies until it reconnects 1-2 mins later.


I had previously thought the disconnect was a one-time abrupt failure.


As mentioned before whatever happens only occurs when using the router in the gateway but not when it's modem-only directly to my desktop. 

Re: Internet disconnects every hour

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Hi guys. I've actually had the same problem and have found what seems to be a legitimate solution! Just follow these steps and you should be good to go 🙂


1. Reset your modem/router to it's default settings. In other words a "hard reset". Make sure you can connect to the modem/router with an ethernet cord, as wireless will not recognize any password given. Also, be sure to have a backup "connect"  USB stick in case the router defects to an unknown source.


2. When the modem/router is restored, plug your ethernet cord in the main computer/laptop. You will now log in using your preferred browser and enter a few settings.


3. Type in the internet browser (usually the default for Hitron modems, check your IP number based on the modem/router you have). The username will be "cusadmin" and the password is "password"


4. You won't be changing anything too difficult, only settings that affect the "time-outs" the modem/router experiences. So in your Basic Setup column, search for the "Time Setting" tab. You'll notice that the checked default setting adjusts to Daylight Saving time. Instead, tick the "Change Timezone" box under ToD Setting and select the timezone you are currently in. This way, the modem/router won't adjust to a default of 60 minutes (usually when disconnects occur). Click apply if needed.


5. Under the WLAN/LAN column, the first page will read IP. Scroll down until you see "Private LAN DHCP Setting" (I understand LAN means Local Area Connection, but this will also work for a wireless connection). Make sure it's enabled, and switch the "Lease Time" to something past 1 day (I set mine to 1 week). Click apply and wait for the modem/router to reboot.


6. Under the Wireless column, leave everything to its defaults. Change the SSID to any name you prefer (this is your connection name), and switch to the "Security" tab. Enter any passcode you wish into the "Pre-shared key" box. Apply and close when you are all finished.


In my experience, these small corrections have so far erased the hourly disconnections. If anyone uses this method and your connection is back to normal, tick that like button or leave a reply! 🙂

Re: Internet disconnects every hour

I've Been Here Awhile

Anyone have a solution for the SMCD3GN router.


When I do a hard boot on the router, this is the new time when I get the disconnects so if I reboot on the hour then every hour it goes down.



Re: Internet disconnects every hour

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My internet has been disconnecting intermittently every hour at about 44 past for about 30 seconds then reconnects. then does it again in another hour. I've spoken to customer service on the phone who told me that everything was fine on their end. I then had my modem and cabe wiring replaced by a tech and the issue still persisted. I also ran multiple ping tests to my modem, the results of which were timeout errors saying "Level: critical, content no ranging response received-T3 Time-out," which is basically saying that Rogers is not sending the internet, clearly indicating that the issue is on Rogers end. According to the research I've done, this seems to be an issue with the Cable Modem Termination Systems - something that is fixable on Rogers end, but apparently is an expensive fix.

I had Roger's internet for years with no problem. even with the new modem i had for 6 months. it worked perfectly. Then about a week ago i called up to get my Rogers Cable TV canceled because i don't really watched TV much anymore. THAT is when the problems started happening. coincidence? Who knows!! All i know is if this problem persists, I am switching my internet providers to teksavvy.

modem - the Hitron CDE-30364.
WIRED - yes.


this is what i recorded. Gave up after finding it does it every hour, every day, every week.