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Internet disconnects every hour

I've Been Here Awhile



In the last week the internet has been disconnecting every hour for a few minutes.  My husband and I play World of Warcraft and its very frustrating to be disconnected every 60 mins for up to a few minutes.  We started to keep track of when we disconnect and its exactly every 60 minutes.  At first we thought it might be the new expansion but we are starting to think that this is a Rogers issue, since the game disconnects along with the internet.  We are at our wits end and are very frustrated with the service.  We have been with Rogers for quite a few years and every call we make we are told that everything is fine and that it must be on our end.  We have very good gaming computers, so we know its not the computers since both will disconnect at the same time.  We are seriously considering switching ISP since we have read that Rogers throttles WoW as well.


We have the SMCD3GN modem/router.


Is anyone else having this issue?  Any solutions??



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Re: Internet disconnects every hour

I Plan to Stick Around

Something artsfols said over on this thread reminded me of something.


I had a case 1 week ago where I was talking to someone through google talk (it's like skype) and my modem did its reconnect thing during the call.  My laptop showed lost connection from the wireless router to the modem BUT my voice call continued ok.  I could not explain it until the thread above.  The reconnect problem likely was tied to the rogers DNS server becoming inaccessible/non-responsive because it would explain this scenario.  The rogers tech would likely never find this from their office because they can still talk to the modem, the modem just can't resolve url queries back to ip addresses making the internet connection look useless (except for those few applications that use ip addresses direct instead of domain names).  The reconnect is likely a timeout and recovery of sorts.


If the above scenario is true then only a senior tech is going to find it, understand it, and know how to fix it.


In my modem I see a single DNS entry WAN side.  A simple work-around might be to add a secondary DNS for the scenario where the primary DNS is not reachable.  This is exactly why all systems have space for 2 DNS instead of 1.  This is the first application where I've seen only 1 of the 2 available spaces being used.  Google provides 2 domain name servers, not one. and


I'm guessing that the rogers designers have redundancy behind the scenes for their primary dns but they still should have included a backup dns server as the secondary from the modem to the world.


Since the rogers modem is locked down, I cannot change the WAN side DNS entry.  Changing the modem to bridged mode and setting the DNS in your outward facing router might work.  I asked in a previous thread if anyone was already doing this.  Doesn't really matter to me anymore but I'll leave this thread entry in case it helps someone debug and resolve later.


Best of luck.

Re: Internet disconnects every hour

I've Been Around

I've been having the exact issues described in this thread for a couple of months. I started getting the hourly disconnects, then after a couple of weeks it went away for a couple of weeks, then returned again. I'm in St. John's and at approximately 2:30 (1 PM EST) on Friday, November 9th, it stopped resetting, and has been fine since. So, it's across all regions.

Re: Internet disconnects every hour

Resident Expert
No, it's still only select regions, as mine is fine and never done it once.

But there is more than one area effected, your being one. London ont, parts of Toronto, Ottawa area, etc

Re: Internet disconnects every hour

I've Been Here Awhile

I'm having the same problem. This just started two days ago. They last for less than a minute.


8:42 PM - Disconnect

9:42 PM - Disconnect

10:42 PM - Disconnect



I can't play Xbox or any online game (League of Legends) because of the disconnects.


I live in Kitchener.

Re: Internet disconnects every hour

I've Been Here Awhile

I have used rogers express for a week. But it sometimes disconnects for 3 - 8 minutes.


I try to restart the router Cisco DPC3825. Internet will have disconnection after I have used for 2-3  hours.


Is it normal? Is it the router problem?