Internet cutting out every 2 minutes

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Re: Internet cutting out every 2 minutes

@ahm2307 wrote:

So the Rogers tech guy is coming tomorrow morning...I'm hoping for a speedy resolution but I'm not holding out hope 😞


I tried every TV channel before coming to school this morning and they all looked good...I don't have that many to go through.


I also checked the power levels on the modem again. I am almost always getting two channels upstream or no channels at all (0 dbmV). This really sucks. If it turns out this is a serious cabling issue, I really hope Rogers stick with me on this. Bell is a LOT more expensive...their prices are somehow higher now than they were when I was last with them in 2007. Ridiculous. 

Many, many, many years ago (in 1999, to be precise), at my parents' old house, I had a Bell person actually tell me that they weren't going to do anything to fix a serious line issue that prevented DSL from working in the summer, and he recommended switching to Rogers. I have never touched anything DSL since. 🙂


The one thing I would advise is patience. If you are getting a first-level tech (the contractors in the small minivans), they are limited in what they can do, so depending on where the problem is, it may have to be escalated to the in-house Rogers techs in the big Rogers vans. Once those guys get involved, they tend to be very efficient...

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Re: Internet cutting out every 2 minutes

Thanks Viv. Yeah, I'd take Rogers over Bell any day!


Anyways, so I juts went back upstairs to check my building's interconnect box and I noticed something interesting. My cable was sticking out ahead of all the other cables and had a TPIA (third party internet access) tag on it.


A fact I neglected to mention (because it was previously irrelevant) is that recently I decided to switch to Teksavvy, but that switch will not happen till December 11 (I'm a Rogers customer till then).


So anyway, someone came in and put that tag on...I wonder if they did anything else...any ideas on what might have happened there? Would they have changed any wires? They must've done something because my connection has been flawless till before I called Rogers and informed them of my switch to Teksavvy (and before the TPIA tag presumably came on)...


Anyway, I await tomorrow's technician, but any thoughts on this development are greatly welcome!

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Re: Internet cutting out every 2 minutes

That kind of muddies the water, so to speak.  Maybe the Teksavvy tech jumped the gun or had an order with the wrong date on it.  You might get an answer if you called Teksavvy.  They should tell you that your change over date is in Dec, but, you never know.  In fact that was probably a Rogers tech who put the tag on the cable, in response to a work order submitted by Teksavvy.  Is the cable still hooked up?  If it is, then possibly it has been disconnected at the node.  


I presume that you are going to have to buy a modem to operate with Tecksavvy.  If you haven't done so already, you should inquire about the status of high speed modems for their network.  Looking through the Teksavvy forum at DSLreports might give you an idea of the current status.    It looks like the candidate is the Cisco DPC3848.  They don't have it yet as production has been delayed, so depending on your plans, you might have to rent a modem temporarily, unless you don't plan to run high speed internet.


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Re: Internet cutting out every 2 minutes

So I just got off the phone with Teksavvy and they said the date still says December 11, so I don't think it was anything on their end. Then again, as you said, it's odd that Rogers put the TPIA tag so soon (also, how did they get inside the building? They need someone to buzz them in; wouldn't that be me?!). The node disconnection issue is a real possibility...I'll bring it up with Rogers if tomorrow's meeting yields nothing.


As for the teksavvy modem, I actually just got it today in the mail. It's a Thomson dcm476. Here's something interesting...I hooked it up and monitored the cable power levels on it, and they're just as bad as the Rogers modem. So it's absolutely, definitely, 100% a cable problem. The power starts off triple bonded, then Channel 1 drops off then, a few seconds later, all signals go to zero and I lose internet connection! When my connection is triple bonded, I get the same speeds I was getting before.


No one at Teksavvy or Rogers was able to give me any information on the stuff that happened in the last few days with regards to the switchover. They can't even tell me when that technician came by to put the TPIA tag on my cable. If it was yesterday, then it seems more than coincidental that this is the day my connection started to act weird. 


So here's what we can say: 


- Modem works fine 

- Cable TV works fine

- There's a TPIA tag on my cable that wasn't there before (so it might be a problem with the cable in the box)

- I am not being told everything about the switchover from Rogers to Teksavvy (so it might also be a problem behind the scenes)


I'll keep working with Rogers to figure this out, but I appreciate your help Datalink in trying to give them as much info as possible to fix this ASAP.

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Re: Internet cutting out every 2 minutes

While your still a rogers customer, just make sure to get the tech out to make sure everythings good, fixed, etc.

While this can be done too while with TSI... it does take a bit longer, as TSI has to take your ticket, then they put one in with rogers to come out and look, etc.

Just be glad at min they put the TPIA tag on it.
Many times on a rogers disconect / connect of TPIA... they DONT put it there.
Then, the next time a rogers tech is out for someone else... if they CHECK whats to be there.. they can ONLY see rogers stuff... no rogers account on that tap?  It shouldnt be connected then.... UNPLUG.
The TPIA tag helps prevent this

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Re: Internet cutting out every 2 minutes

It's 12:35 right now and I *think* the problem has been resolved. I think!


All upstream channels are reading 40 and my signal is not dropping any more. Thanks for the help guys. 

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