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Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I'm Here A Lot

Rogers  tracking utility sucks.

It doesn't give you a real time, accurate account of how much usage you've actually accumulated and appears to be set up solely to benefit Rogers by giving them the opportunity to gouge you with extra billing. By the time the 100% usage notification warning shows up in your browser - It's too late...


The utility is supposed to display usage from the second day of the month to the first of the following month. Today is September second and it still shows that I'm 2.55 Gig over the 60 Gig plan I had to upgrade to. What gives? How am I supposed to know when I can surf or download again without incurring extra charges?


I have 4 services with Rogers and I'm seriously looking at alternative providers. I can't be the only subscriber who's tired of being nickel and dimed to death. How are other subscribers dealing with this less than efficient utillity?



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Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

Internet Usage, overage, counters and what Rogers can do about it


I've been working in the IT world, HW and SW for many years now and the whole "limitation" of Rogers not being able to provide me with accurate data about my consumption just baffles me. The technology is there, the data is there, everything in fact is there for that to happen, yet, it's still inaccurate, provides little details and is delayed by up to 2 days. I mean.... 2 DAYS! Smiley Mad


I've come to the sad conclusion that Rogers really doesn't want their customers to know how much they're consuming until it's too late. Yeah, I just figured this out by myself. Smiley Tongue


In fact, I would be curious to know how much revenue customer usage overage charges represent on a monthly basis. I wouldn't be surprised to find a 7-figure number.


I'm pretty . right now because I just went over my 200GB allowance by almost 20GB and got the 100% limit notification 2 days after realizing it.  Smiley Mad


I think what is the most upsetting in all this, is that I can check my data usage online on MyRogers, and see where I'm at. This, despite being undetailed (meaning I don't know what ports the traffic went through for instance), has proven to be quite accurate when I need to get an idea of where I'm at from a data consumption basis. So I'm throttling down my consumption when I get close, but sometimes, hiccups happened, either due to my 2 kids using NetFlix or their iPod/tablets/wifi device or wife watching YouTube videos or online content that I don't know about. Smiley Indifferent


What upsets me is that their notifications are arriving usually 2 days too late!! They are basically POINTLESS and just exhacerbates my hate towards Rogers for NOT addressing the problem. In fact, from a technical standpoint, I really don't understand the disconnect between the data I'm seeing on m account, and the alert being triggered 2 days later. I mean... shouldn't these 2 systems work together somehow?.... 


The worst part is that there are ways to address that kind of situation:


1/ The most obvious suggestion is to send alerts and notifications actually at the EXACT time you get to your limit. That means that if my limit is 200GB, at the time this IP data packet flows through you and gets me over, a notification gets thrown out. Now you might be like "well that's very hard because it could be coming from any kind of device, TV, blahblahblah that might not have the ability to display your web browser alerts. True, which takes me to my second suggestion.


2/ Offer multiple ways to receive alerts.

I the event your TV is going through an update for instance, and if this download is throwing you over the limit, have the alert sent by Email!! or Text message, or anything customers can actually rely on to know that they are getting over their limit. How about that?.... Should be easy no?... I get alerts all the time for my Air Canada flights, car rentals and all. No reason why you couldn't do it.


3/ Offer actual ways to track your traffic.

Back in the days, you would only have one computer connected to that modem and it would be fairly easy to track network usage by using a small application running on that computer. Back then, I was using a 56K modem (fast!!) and drooling when I was downloading at 5KB/s. Problem is that now, I have about 20+ devices accessing my network at any times, from a file/backup server, to family computers, laptops, tablet, smart devices, TV's and even my DVD player, Roku players and more. the common point to all this traffic? It all flows through your MODEM! I'm seeing posts on this forum about firmware updates and the like. So why not getting together with Hitron, Motorola and your other model manufacturers, and add a feature to monitor traffic that flows through the modem? With alerts, caps, and the whole shabang. 


Rogers: this is THE WAY to do it. Add a little web-based interface to your modems that actually lets your users track their usage in real-time. This is not complicated. 


Alternatively, why not offering your users a substantial discount on a network traffic analyzer tool, or anything that can empower the users? Instead of have your customers holding on the customer service phone line for over 20mn to get a 50% discount on the overage charge or something like it.


Come on Rogers!!! Show us that you care about your customers (pipe dream?)


Done ranting.







Here you go Rogers, makes these changes and eve