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Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I'm Here A Lot

Rogers  tracking utility sucks.

It doesn't give you a real time, accurate account of how much usage you've actually accumulated and appears to be set up solely to benefit Rogers by giving them the opportunity to gouge you with extra billing. By the time the 100% usage notification warning shows up in your browser - It's too late...


The utility is supposed to display usage from the second day of the month to the first of the following month. Today is September second and it still shows that I'm 2.55 Gig over the 60 Gig plan I had to upgrade to. What gives? How am I supposed to know when I can surf or download again without incurring extra charges?


I have 4 services with Rogers and I'm seriously looking at alternative providers. I can't be the only subscriber who's tired of being nickel and dimed to death. How are other subscribers dealing with this less than efficient utillity?



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Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I'm a Regular

ya it's pretty delayed. I found the same thing.


It also doesn't help that the bandwidth limits with rogers are ridiculously low for this day in age. Their competitors all offer higher bandwidth limits (Bell's is still low...but they offer 75)  . Worst part is Rogers seems to be lowering their limits?!!?!?!?!!. Extreme went from 95 to 80  this summer (yet the price stayed the same) ....


sigh... nickel and diming their low bandwidth making me look around too.


Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I've Been Here Awhile

Yup, Rogers pretty much sucks for bandwidth limits. I wish they offered some kind of unlimited plan, or at least a couple hundred gigabytes.

I'm probably going to be switching soon just for this reason...

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I'm Here A Lot

Just a few weeks ago I thought that our bandwidth had reset. I tried to check, but the tracking utility is a day behind, so I couldn't. I hadn't gone over for the day it was showing me, though.

I figured it did reset anyways and happily downloaded some things, and so did my roomates.

Two days later I checked again, and I ended up going over since it hadn't reset until the NEXT day.

I was only over by 3GB, but still it's $6 I could have kept.

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

Thanks for everyone's replies to my thread. Nice to see I'm not the only one who's disappointed and dissatisfied.


Well, it's almost 10pm on September 2nd and the utility still hasn't reset for my account usage. It's angry red graphic is taunting me and holding my ability to download for ransom.


To 'the-rowdies':

"I was only over by 3GB, but still it's $6 I could have kept."  Yea, 6 bucks is chump change to a faceless corporation like Rogers, but to us - it's a decent meal...

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hi Truff and welcome to the forums!


The usage is delayed by 1 day on so if there is new usage starts on the 1st of September, the new usage would start to display on the 2nd of September on


If you are experiencing extended delays I encourage you do call 1-888 ROGERS 1 and speak with E-care, they deal with all issues, they may need to escalate your issue.


For any billing issues you can ask for our customer care at the same number I provided.


I hope this helps,





Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

Quote: "The usage is delayed by 1 day on so if there is new usage starts on the 1st of September, the new usage would start to display on the 2nd of September"

Wrong. My usage utility meter didn't roll over until this morning at 10 am - Sept. 3rd. A 2 day delay.


Basically, this is a transparent cash grab by Rogers. The technology exists to update your customers in real time. Rogers chooses to keep its customers at a disadvantage - having to take a guess as to how much downloading allotment they have left. How many thousands of customers a month are paying $2 to $30 extra because they can't accurately check their usage. It all ads up as effortless, extra profit for the corporation.


In the interim, I've added a freeware app to my PC called NetWorx to give me a more accurate, real time view of my internet use. I highly recommend it.



Ha Ha! Victory is yours! - In the short term. Ya got me for 4 bucks.

Long term: This is one former loyal, reliable, 15 year customer who's now shopping around...




Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

To 'Truff':

"Nice to see I'm not the only one who's disappointed and dissatisfied."

I think that most of the people who signed up for the forum did so because they were dissatisfied...

I don't know about the other forums here, but the internet ones seem to be mostly made up of complaints...


"Yea, 6 bucks is chump change to a faceless corporation like Rogers, but to us - it's a decent meal..."

Too true. It could even buy enough instant noodles to last you a few weeks.


"In the interim, I've added a freeware app to my PC called NetWorx to give me a more accurate, real time view of my internet use. I highly recommend it."
Can it also show which user used what amount of the internet bandwidth? That'd also be helpful for students sharing internet, and I highly doubt rogers will release anything to do this for us...

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

yep... just wait until your contract is up.... TekSavvy offers interent for the same price or cheaper and allows for 250 gigs a month.

they also have an unlimited plan for about $60.... Much better value than rogers.

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I've Been Here Awhile

Yeah, but Teksavvy Cable still isn't available in Ottawa. ;(

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I Plan to Stick Around

This would be a 1 day delay.  as you stated in your original post, your usage period is from the 2nd of the month to the 1st of the next month inclusive.  This would mean your usage would be reset at 12:00am on sept. 2.  So on Sept 2nd, the usage tracker will show your usage upto and including sept 1st which is your previous cycle, thus it still shows your usage as being over. On Sept. 3 the tracker will show your usage for sept. 2nd (the first day of your new cycle) and will show the new usage total for that cycle.  The key thing to remember is that even though the tool to view your usage is 24 hours delayed , the jump to the new cycle is not. So if your new period starts on the 2nd, then as of that morning your usage will be reset to 0, even if the tracker won't reflect it until the next day.


I hope this helps,

I am a Rogers employee, but my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of Rogers or its affiliates. Je suis un(e) employé(e) de Rogers mais mes commentaires sont les miens et ne reflètent pas nécessairement le point de vue de Rogers ou d’une société de son groupe.

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I Plan to Stick Around

Teksavvy isn't the ideal ISP either. Ask anyone in Toronto who uses it. Regular modem (Doc.2 only) is purchased by you not rented, so that's a hundred $$ or so out the window with no rebate ever, and pretty sketchy warranty on it too. Not sure if they even have Doc.3's yet, or ever will. Also, no decent support on the phone when you need help and since they are a Rogers reseller, you are getting a second-class version of Rogers internet - why waste money to get less on the same cable network?!!

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I'm Here A Lot

Is there any body who recently experienced an extraordinary internet usage of Rogers?

Here is the problem that I've experienced. I posted the same issue to another tread but I have to post it again here.



The last 4 days, my usage is like the following.

October 4   15,310MB  (15GB)
October 3    24,247MB (24GB)
October 2   2,127MB (2GB)
October 1    13,644 (13GB)


It's apparently abnormal and I think there must be problems on Rogers usage counting system.
Normally, I've used the internet under 1GB a day in average.
I've sent email to Rogers but I just received an usual response that I might use the internet that much.

But I absolutly don't agree with that because I didn't use the interent that much. Actually, I've watched some tutorial movies from But I cannot be over 24GB. It should be around 4GB at best. I've watched the movies frequently but it never went over 4 GB before. Now I've already over the 60GB limit and I have to pay $2 per additional 1 GB.

 What I think is that Rogers system may  count double or triple the usages. It is very probable. Rogers have tons of customers and count the usage every moment. If there's a small mistake happened the tragic results can happen.  Furthermore, Rogers system is now unstable. When I try to access the usage view page, I've got many times system failure message like ".... unavailable...".

However, I cannot debate with Rogers because my verbal English is very poor. So, if possible, can anybody request Rogers to get answer about this absord situation?

 We need to do something to solve this wrong loss of our money.




Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I've Been Here Awhile

I actually just posted a new thread stating I was having trouble with the usage tool. I missed this post.

I had exceeded my usage for this Sept. I have had my internet forever and have never exceeded my 60 gb. I called a rep and he informed me that I did not have a password on my wireless. Perhaps other people in my buiding were using it last month.I am hoping that putting a password on my wireless will fix my problem.
I also cannot access my internet usage online.

Now, If this is happening to more people than just me..then there is definitely something up. I am going to try and track my usage for this month and see if there is a change.

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I'm Here A Lot

Hello Guys,


How can we solve this problem?


On Tuesday, I posted that the rogers usage checking system has problems.

As I mentioned, the internet usage was over the limit on Tuesday, so I intentionally didn't use the internet. I only checked my emails and browsed a few news from the internet at home. I never donwloaded any files. BUT THE DONWLOAD USAGE ON WEDNESDAY IS 2,784 MB !!!   I'm sure again that the rogers usage checking system has a big problems !!


They say that somebody use my internet line but it's wrong. Because the usage is abnormal that I've changed the old router and set new password on the new router. I've even disconnected the internet line when I was out of the house.


The Rogers internet is under terribly big problems. PLEASE, SOMEONE WHO HAS SAME PROBLEMS POST YOUR SITUATION TO SOLVE THE ROGERS PROBLEMS. Rogers will never agree that their system has the problems. They only will say that somebody steal your internet line.


Looking forward you guys' posting.


Thank you.


FYI, this is the current abnormal usage.


                                           total usage (MB)
  October       06, 2010     2,878
  October       05, 2010     142
  October       04, 2010     15,738
  October       03, 2010     24,822
  October       02, 2010     2,192
  October       01, 2010     13,985
  September 30, 2010     207
  September 29, 2010     4,596
  September 28, 2010     856
  September 27, 2010     363
  September 26, 2010     534
  September 25, 2010     576
  September 24, 2010     851
  September 23, 2010     752



Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

Hi everyone,

The Internet Usage tool pulls information about your volume of usage, directly as it passes through your modem. A number of different factors could contribute to high usage as mentioned previously, such as using P2P programs (Bit Torrent, Limewire, etc.), using VoIP services like Vonage, streaming audio/video (Youtube, Netflix), online gaming (console and PC) and other services. Also, if you have a router, it is recommended that you check other PCs in your home to see if anyone else uses those types of applications. If you have a router, you can also check to make sure it is secure as I believe someone mentioned before, because there is a chance that someone else has connected to your unsecured network and is accumulating usage on your account. Lastly, you may want to check that you have up-to-date security software/firewall, etc. This will ensure that even if you don't have any P2P or other usage consuming applications, that no viruses or malware on your system is accumulating usage in the background of your PC without your knowledge.

The best way to determine where the usage is coming from is to have one PC connected directly to your modem for AT LEAST 3-4 days. You can monitor the usage on the account for that time period to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. If the usage appears to be correct, it is most likely another factor that is contributing to the usage.

If you feel there is still a discrepancy, please contact E-Care support at 1-888-764-3771. Our E-Care department specifically deals with issues regarding the website, including viewing online billing/account information/usage. If there are any issues with the usage viewer, we would be able to look into that for you further.

Let us know how that goes.


Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I am trying to view my internet usage details, but every time I click on "usage details", "daily usage" or usage history", it tells me that I have to register my Rogers account. However, I already have a Rogers account, I'm even logged onto it right now. How do I see what is eating up the most of my internet.. Before it's too late!




Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

Yeah, if you have that thing to display it THAT far.. it means your account is on there.

I was just able to get into mine.. so i dont think the site is down.

It might just be something with your account.
Is it around the day of your billing cycle change?

Also,  have you tried in any other web browsers?
I was successful in IE11

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I have the same problem. And I went to the Rogers store, called  the customer service, went on Chat. I could not find anyone to help me. 

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I've Been Around
Same here...can't monitor usage because usage is always saying "usage not available" which makes me suspicious that rogers doesn't want u to know , wants to keep u in the dark so they can bill you on your overage use.

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The previous monthly usage is broken right now... but i am able to get into mine.(overview and daily breakdown)  which means in general it does WORK..

There could just be something buggy on the account, etc causing it to not display, etc.

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