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Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I'm Here A Lot

Rogers  tracking utility sucks.

It doesn't give you a real time, accurate account of how much usage you've actually accumulated and appears to be set up solely to benefit Rogers by giving them the opportunity to gouge you with extra billing. By the time the 100% usage notification warning shows up in your browser - It's too late...


The utility is supposed to display usage from the second day of the month to the first of the following month. Today is September second and it still shows that I'm 2.55 Gig over the 60 Gig plan I had to upgrade to. What gives? How am I supposed to know when I can surf or download again without incurring extra charges?


I have 4 services with Rogers and I'm seriously looking at alternative providers. I can't be the only subscriber who's tired of being nickel and dimed to death. How are other subscribers dealing with this less than efficient utillity?



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Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I'm a Regular

ya it's pretty delayed. I found the same thing.


It also doesn't help that the bandwidth limits with rogers are ridiculously low for this day in age. Their competitors all offer higher bandwidth limits (Bell's is still low...but they offer 75)  . Worst part is Rogers seems to be lowering their limits?!!?!?!?!!. Extreme went from 95 to 80  this summer (yet the price stayed the same) ....


sigh... nickel and diming their low bandwidth making me look around too.


Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I've Been Here Awhile

Yup, Rogers pretty much sucks for bandwidth limits. I wish they offered some kind of unlimited plan, or at least a couple hundred gigabytes.

I'm probably going to be switching soon just for this reason...

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

I'm Here A Lot

Just a few weeks ago I thought that our bandwidth had reset. I tried to check, but the tracking utility is a day behind, so I couldn't. I hadn't gone over for the day it was showing me, though.

I figured it did reset anyways and happily downloaded some things, and so did my roomates.

Two days later I checked again, and I ended up going over since it hadn't reset until the NEXT day.

I was only over by 3GB, but still it's $6 I could have kept.

Re: Internet Usage Tracking Utility

Thanks for everyone's replies to my thread. Nice to see I'm not the only one who's disappointed and dissatisfied.


Well, it's almost 10pm on September 2nd and the utility still hasn't reset for my account usage. It's angry red graphic is taunting me and holding my ability to download for ransom.


To 'the-rowdies':

"I was only over by 3GB, but still it's $6 I could have kept."  Yea, 6 bucks is chump change to a faceless corporation like Rogers, but to us - it's a decent meal...