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Internet Modem Question


Sorry if this has been asked a lot, but . . . My desktop is finally stopped working, and I'll be getting a new computer, a laptop instead of a desktop. The modem I have is about 7 years old (rogers modem) and im going to get a more updated one of those also.  I've always just had a desktop where the modem is attached to it.  If I get a laptop, will I have to keep the modem attached to the laptop, or is the modem hooked up wirelessly.  I would prefer it if I didn't have to have it attached to the laptop at all times to use internet but not sure how all this works.  Thanks.



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Re: Internet Modem Question

All the new Rogers modems are called gateways. They are a modem and a wired/wireless router all in one.

So this would allow you to plug in a pc wired like you did before, but also do wireless so you then could move the laptop around
(Within reason, there is a range, etc on how far it will go)

So getting the new Rogers modem you would be all set generally to get up and going wirelessly.
The Rogers tech should help you do the basic setup for it.
But with wireless one needs to make sure it's set up properly/securely, to make sure that others don't break into the connection, etc.

We can help try and walk you through some of the setup of that, if you are comfortable enough.