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Internet Disconnects by itself then reconnects shortly! HELP!

I've Been Here Awhile

A couple months ago, my internet started to disconnect and reconnect 15-20 seconds after by itself. It wasn't that big a deal to me, but now it is. When I'm on my Xbox using the internet and my computer is using internet it'll disconnect from my wifi and then reconnect 20 seconds later. If I'm on my Xbox alone and my computer's WiFi isn't on, the internet won't disconnect. I think it has something to do with my bandwidth, not to sure. Any answers?


ALSO: When I'm on my Xbox and go on my computer to a website like Twitter, it disconnects longer than it would if I was on my Xbox and when on a streaming channel that would use up more interntet.


I tried re-booting everything, nothing like that works. Thanks for any help in advance!


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Re: Internet Disconnects by itself then reconnects shortly! HELP!

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
We will need a little more info, like which modem you are using, but I am guessing one of the Hitron or smc gateways with built In Wireless ?

Using the wireless on this is likely your issue. They are notorious for their poor wireless and others have experienced the same thing as you.

Really only the way to fix this, is change the gateway into bridged mode (effectively turning it into a modem) and add a 3rd part router
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