Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

It make me SERIOUSLY wonder about it being an issue, with the CISCO unit.

Cap07.. i would

A) put it back in bridged mode.. with the linksys. There is no harm in doing so.. as long as your connection is good there, strong signal, etc.. no difference having it that way.

B) See if you are able to swap out, for the SMC or another.

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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

Bridge Mode is the way to go. You can then use a firwewall that has bandwidth counters and controls. Some netgears has this feature.


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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

Hi all,


Sarah from the social media team here.


I just wanted to clear up the information the OP from Reddit received was incorrect. 


The only traffic that is counted within the monthly usage allowance, is the traffic that leaves the customers modem and goes across the Rogers network. 


We do not count a customers’ internal network traffic towards the monthly usage, so if a customer is moving a file from one computer to another within their home that usage is not counted against their monthly usage allowance. 




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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

Thank you to the OP for this thread.


I am a new rogers customer (was with Bell) and finding that since moving to rogers I keep having issues with going over my usage. I am currently on a Plan that provides me with 300gb per month. This was way over what I ever used at the other company on Fibe. In the last 2 months using the same computers, devices, netflix, etc... I am consistently going way over my usage. November Rogers says/claims that I used 382 GB and December I used 439GB. This is outrageous! I have 5 years of histroy from the other company and the most I ever used was 127GB - and I had an unlimited plan that didnt hold me back from downloading or uploading whatever.

No one at Rogers can provide me any viable information on the information - Hourly usage, site usage, explain this extremely high amount of usage, provide any details or give information to back-up their claim to their bill on usage.

The turning off of the router does not work - shows zero usage - as it should, but there has to be something wrong with the router, usage counter or at rogers for this amount of usage to be showing. But no one gives me any information or idea's on how to resolve or better trouble shoot.


Here is what I have currently

Router Cisco

Bridged to another Lynsis Router as it is stronger

Password protected with a high value password

No Broadcasting

1 Desktop on network

2 Ipads

2 iphones

1 appletv

1 Playstation


Recent history -

January 12th - Home all day with a sick kid

on Netflix 6hrs

on Ipads

Playing video games

Using a ton of internet

Usage reported - 6.4GB


January 14th - Everyone at work and school

Limited usage

No Games

2 hrs max netflix

Usage Reported - 12.125GB


Another Example - December 23rd

I am at work, wife and kids out enjoying the snow and doing last minute shopping. Limited use of internet until dinner time...

Usage reported - 31.179GB


This makes no sense! My lowest internet usage days are on the weekend were there is more opportunity to be connected and using the internet. And no one at rogers can understand the frustration. In comparing to the other service provider my usage with the same set-up was no where close.


Additionally I have a friend in the area - we have the same family lifestyle and same things connected in our house. We are on the exact same plan. Only difference he downloads shows and movies... His monthly usage in December 127GB.


Any idea's would be greatly appreciated since the Rogers team members have zero clue on how to assist a customer and provide information to help.


Thank you in advance and my apologies for the long winded read



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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap



A few things to check:

1st thing is what quality settings do you have Netflix set to. If HD it consumes 3GB per hour. Doesnt matter if on the big TV or an ipad it still consumes 3GB/hr per device while watching.

Netflix quality settings:

  • Low (Basic video quality, up to 0.3 GB per hour)
  • Medium (Standard video quality, up to 0.7 GB per hour)
  • High (HD video quality, 3 GB per hour for HD)

Next I would verify your Wireless connection is secure and that only your devices show up in the connection log on the wireless router. Kinda sounds like someone is using your WiFi.


Also do you leave the PC on all day? Does the usage change with the PC off? Could be something on the PC.


Not sure if your post should be in a new thread or if it is directly related to this one.

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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

While it wont explain all the increase.. some of it might come from netflix, depending on what your previous provider was for internet and what devices you are playing your netflix through.
Netflix, rogers and the right device, supports Super HD through netflix.. which when you are set at high quality, streams at a higher quality than regular high quality elsewhere.. but therefore increases usage.  So per X many hours watching, could be higher than on the other provider


But that doesnt explain all the increase.

That you have turned it off and zero usage.. is good, that its not a back end billing issue.

That you have the unit in BRIGED mode though.. there is NO WAY, even if it DID count internal file transfer as usage, to calculate this, as the cisco is not seeing any of that.  Your linksys router is doign all that, and then ONLY passing through the internet traffic.
So its not the OP's 'reported' problem then if there is usage discrepencies.

Best i can sugest is to do, a device by device, addition.
Go a day, with just 1-2 devices.. check to see if usage normal.  Then on the next day, introduce another and check usage.  Keep doing this, until you potentially find the culprit of what might be doing it.
Sometimes, i can be things completely unbeknowns to them happening.. a PC or phone consistantly syncing to a cloud service.. something like windows updates or for a game system.. which is trying to download and failing, and trying again and again and again.

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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

Is your Apple TV a 3rd Gen. That one allows the "Super HD" GdKitty mentioned. On the high setting (Super HD) you can use 5GB/hr....or 7GB/hr if streaming 3D movies.

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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

Huh. Rogers usage counters inaccurate? Nah. How could that be? They're perfect. You must be lying.....Been there.
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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap


My first thought that someone was stealing your wifi....I was at a friends place recently and he had Rogers wifi modem (not sure which one), and it had unsecured guest network which surpirsed me (default config with usb stick setup?). I wasn't able to quickly change it for him and he couldn't get help from Rogers on the phone as his bill was overdue (your phone calls get directed to billing dept automatically).


Anyway you don't mention if you check the daily usage and whether it is mostly download vs. upload.  That could help you narrow down things maybe.




I wasn't aware of the Netflix Super HD, HD, low settings etc......Where do you set this?


I recently got latest generation Apple TV.  But also do netflix on PC, IOS devices and PS3.  I know I dowload a lot of big 'files' but never really knew how much usage Netflix was causing me.  


Thing that bugs me about Rogers usage is they can't really provide any info at all, like some sort of indication of what is being downloaded or to what IP.  Sometime last year I had a day with just under a 100GB of usage when I wasn't home most of the day (weekend). I asked Rogers if they couild give me an idea of what was being downloaded. (thought maybe my son had been doing major downloading when I wasn't home) Blamed it on myself for possibly having my network unsecure formost of the day.....although I find it really hard to believe I did that, I had added an access point that day......Still seems hard to believe that much usage in maybe 12 hours or so when I wasn't home....Since I wasn't going to go over my cap that month I let it slide but still wonder what the heck happened.......By comparison my mother, a senior in Alberta (on Telus) had an unsecured wifi network at home. Telus called her one day and asked why she was downloading some large movie (illegal movie download by the sounds of it)....turns out was neighbour or someone on her wifi from what I gather.



Which Cisco modem is the one referred to in this thread?

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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

The only cisco one rogers currently has, the DPC3825.


Netflix itself, has 3 settings.   Low, med, high.
You usually set this, in the ACCOUNT SETTINGS for netflix itself, via the webpage. 
This will force the quality down.. but then also the file/stream size.


When you have it set to the highest.. and you have a compatable device.. it will AUTO switch to super HD (usually takes a few seconds.. you will see the quality improve as you watch the first few seconds of the video).


Thats a rough list of what devices support super HD