Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

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Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

Just saw this on Reddit . Apparently, if you are using the gateway provided by Rogers, all of your internal traffic counts against your monthly cap. The solution is to run your gateway in bridged mode.


I was wondering why I kept running overages when I was certain I wasn't using that much. If was from all the streaming from my PC to my ps3.


Thankfully, it won't affect me much longer as I have a new provider coming in this weekend, but though people should know.



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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

I am 99% sure that is INCORECT.. and more likley follows the answer, put down by this poster on that reddit thread.


Unless this is a bug/something specific on one particualar gateway.. they should NEVER count it and are not desgined to.

I have not used the hitron gateways, but have used both the CISCO and SMC... BOTH units in GATEWAY mode.

NIGHTLY, i usually push 2+gb of streamed HD data across my internal network, to my TV/HTPCs/Tablets.

Take yesterday for example.  I did not go on the internet last night (was to busy) and neither did my wife. Only internet traffic, would be my server potentially looking for windows updates or something... and any basic phone/tablet data for basic apps.
My wife was home with my sick son... and they streamed about 7 hours of HD content off my media server to the smart TV.
(so, streaming internally from device to device, internally across the gateway..)
And my total usage for yesterday, was 300mb.
Even if not 10GB of usage or something like that.. it would be ALOT higher than 300mb.

I will even test this at home right now (i can remote into my home connection) and COPY from device to device, a 5gb file.
If this is true, i should expect to see 5gb of usage tomorrow when the counter updates.


Not saying, there can NOT be billing issues.  There are cases of phantom charges.. miss billing etc.  That is quite possibly what has happened to that poster.  But i dont think its INTERNAL traffic causing it.

Though, all in all.. again this is ANOTHER good reason, for many people to do bridged mode using their own router.


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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

Streaming is one area... were depending on WHAT the setup is.. COULD do this.. if its not set up right.

IE: my media server.. is running PLEX.  Plex, has TWO ways of accessing it.  You can access internally, or you can access EXTERNALLY.  SAME port no, etc.. just weither you go to the internal or external IP.
If the RECEIVER/playback device, was set up, and was using the EXTERNAL IP.. it could be going out and back in for streaming.

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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap



*but in brief....i had noticed on the third week...i got notice of 75 percent of usage of the 25 gb. 


*so i reviewed my smartphone useage and turned off wifi wheni got home on my cell....

*my android updated on home wifi...and usd up 1 in future, i will do updates at TIM

* i also have history with NETFIX...for 1 year....average 1-3 hours movies per nite...

* now my netflix history for 1 month is 1 hour per day.

* my usage with previous carrier was 10 gb for 60 hours of netflix and used 10 gb per month

*my usage this month is 15 gb for 20 days and used 30 gbs in 20 days

*setup my accoint and checked my rogers-internet-history and usage and getting nothing

*call live tech support.....they cannot help much...lots of guessing...they refered me to ONLINE CHAT REPS

*no luck there with dozen chat reps and still no history

*in one day while researrching...i used 25 over 100 percent

*advised by reps that those warnings are 24 to 48 nhours behind in actual usage....YIKES

*after much chatting with spvr with no promised small credit to satisfy temperary

* online research for 4 hours and chats.......




*windows 8 computers and tablet apps run updates alot...and so does MICROSOIFT=lots of data

*solution..=turn off computer and control your updates with settings

*turn off internet wifi at night

*also netflix and game boxes have settings of quality and streaming time...

*i never knew this......reset my settings to lowest

*results=0.3 gb per movie for same movie up to 5 gb

*same thing with games and other youtube download settings


******warning...has become a huge problem for many as per web complaints and lawsuits**** 



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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

Was going to comment on the netflix part there, but you posted about it at the end.

Netflix is a BIG thing that EATS usage... depending on settings.
Setting on LOW, is not too bad.


MOST devices, which are HD (hd smart TVs, bluray players, alot of the new phones), when you connect them the first time to your account, it can set the setting at HIGH automaticaly i have found.
1 hr HD netflix can be up to 3g-ish.  If you have a SUPER HD compatable device, you can eat up even more!

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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

Following some twitter stuff on this.
Looks like at some point there was some stuff from Cisco that the modem side itmp was better at tracking than server side, so they may be doing or trying that, on the Cisco gateways.
(Most people saying having the same issues in the reddit thread, were often saying same gateway in use.)

Wondering if it's a bad imementation of it, where it is tracking all.. And only effects the Cisco gateways.
(Only real way would be to have someone here who DOES have the Cisco, test it)

Will do some tests at home tonight on two pcs plugged directly into the smc I have.

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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

OK, on my home connection, i have done a test, and will have to track the usage tomorrow.

I have the SMC, not in bridged mode.  I had my SERVER  and HTPC, plugged in wired, directly into the gateway.

I transfered 7g worth of data, from the server to the HTPC, then coppied it back.

So, if it IS counting internal, should be showing 7-14+gb of usage tomorrow.



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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

I also suspected the following on Broadband reports. For some reason the guy has the Rogers router in bridge mode, has 2 public IP address and is transferring the data through the LAN that way. Since the traffic would hit the Rogers gateway, it would be tracked.

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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

I have to say, my data transfer, was pretty quick! havent dont that volume between those PCs for a while.. the gigabit ports on the SMC work pretty well, it was getting a great transfer rate.
But onto the topic at hand.

Usage for yesterday? 
(only usage i did regular internet wise... rdp a bit from work to home... played WOW for like an hour.  Basic internet usage from apps, bit of browsing FB, etc, from cellphones)

349mb (including upload)


So DEFINATELY doesnt/didnt do it for me.

But again, i am on the SMC.
If anything.. i would be leary of the CISCO unit, at this point primarily.


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Re: Internal data usage counting against monthly cap

As I reported elsewhere, we have a Cisco modem. We had a Cisco linksys router until the Rogers tech advised us to disconnect it. Two days after our plan reset, we had a day of 13G and one of 19G. There is no way we used that much data. The problem is with Rogers but they continue to deny it. Spoke to multiple people there at different levels and all told me to upgrade to more expensive plan. But if they have a technical problem with their usage counters, these spikes will happen again. If the problem is with their Cisco modem we need to change it.